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Recent documentations by Animals' Angels Press

Animals Angels Compilation Report 2016

Compilation Report 2016

(English & German)

Our Compilation Report includes all our reports on animal transport inspections in the EU in 2016.
PDF or Reprint on demand.

Animals' Angels "Animal Markets in Poland"

Animal Markets in Poland

2016 (English, Polish)

With the support of Viva! Interwencje we have gathered evidence during the last four years illustrating that binding European regulations are widely ignored at animal markets across Poland and that the relevant authorities fail to enforce the law on a regular basis. As a consequence, animals are severely suffering. The report has been sent to relevant European and Polish authorities. [PDF (English)] [PDF (Polish)]

Animals' Angels, Myth of Enforcement

The Myth of Enforcement

2016 (Englisch)

This document is about the protection of animals during transport as demanded by Regulation (EC) 1/2005. After 20 years on the road with the animals in Europe, Animals’ Angels has collected convincing evidence that Regulation 1/2005 does not have the desired effect but rather fosters a belief in its supposed protective value for the animals and is quite out of touch with reality. [PDF]

Contempt for the Citizens

Contempt for the Citizens

2013 (English)

Within a short period of 14 months, 38 Parliamentary questions and 16 follow-up questions are tabled on the same issue. Animals' Angels compares the answers of the EU-Commission with reality. [more]

Australia's Contradiction - Farmed Animal Welfare

Australia's Contradiction - Farmed Animal Welfare

Dawn Lowe, Dr. Peter Kerkenezov, 2012 (English)

This report covers the situation for the animals on transports in Australia. Without active enforcement there is not, and can never be, any prevention of cruelty and suffering. [more]

No Milk Today. Let's talk about Cows.

No Milk Today. Let's Talk about Cows.

Sophie Greger, 2012 (English)

This document deals with cows. It's not about the milk, not about the consumer, not about worldwide sales markets. It's about the privileges of farmers and their statutory license to abuse dairy cows. [more]

Animal Suffering is Inherent in long Distance Transports

Animals Suffering is Inherent in Long Distance Transports

Julia Havenstein, Christine Hafner, 2012 (English)

According to Article 13 TFEU, animals are sentinent beings that must be respected in the EU decision making process and full regard has to be paid to their welfare requirements. [more]