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Updates on our Projects

Project Qatar

Animal Cages at Abu Hanmour Market, Qatar

Success for Birds and Rabbits

08.10.2017: Repeatedly, Animals’ Angels has been filing complaints to the competent Qatari ministry about the catastrophic conditions for the... [more]

Project Long Distance Transports EU

Animals' Angels Inspects an Animal Transport in Czech

Inspections, Meetings and Inquiries in Czech

05.10.2017:  Animals’ Angels investigates into the agricultural areas of Czech. Czech is a major exporter of live animals from Europe to Turkey. Some of ... [more]

Project Australia

Lambs in Pen, Saleyard Australia

Visiting Katanning Saleyard

27.09.2017: Animals’ Angels attend the yard where just over 4.700 sheep and lambs are for sale. The DPIRD are just leaving so we check every pen... [more]

Project Oman

Camels Being Loaded onto Transport Vehicle in Oman

Oman Investigation

11.-17.09.2017: For the first time, Animals‘ Angels is with the animals in Oman, and especially with the camels there. We check holdings, traditional markets... [more]

Project Poland

Violent Loading of a Horse at Pajeczno Horse Market, Poland

Inspection of Pajeczno Horse Market

02.09.2017: The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, inspects the horse market in Pajęczno. Rain and low temperatures make... [more]

Project Tanzania

Animals' Angels Inspects Animal Transport at Kibaha Checkpoints, Tanzania

Animal Transport Checks at Kibaha Checkpoint

25.07.2017: The team of Taweso and our volunteer Zuzana inspect animal transports at Kibaha checkpoint. Today, the team inspect a cattle... [more]

Project Morocco

Animals' Angels is Helping the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market

Helping the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market

15.07.2017: Today, our Moroccan team is with the animals at Mers El Kheir market, supported by volunteer Clara from Spain... [more]

Project Brussels / EU

Animals’ Angels participates in the opening session of the newly established EU Animal Welfare Platform in Brussels

Opening Session of EU Animal Welfare Platform

06.06.2017: Animals’ Angels participates in the opening session of the newly established EU Animal Welfare Platform in Brussels. We appreciate... [more]

Project Romania

Animals' Angels inspects Calugareni Animal Market

Inspection of Calugareni Animal Market

10.04.2017:  Animals’ Angels inspects Calugareni animal market where, every Sunday, plenty of animals are traded. This market has no official authorization... [more]

Project India

Animals' Angels Taking Action at Cattle Markets in India

Taking Action at Cattle Markets

February 2017: On behalf of Animals' Angels, the VSPCA-team takes action at cattle markets in India. Our presence at the markets alone is now... [more]


Since we started our work in 1996 Animals' Angels inspectors have met literally hundreds of thousands of animals all over the world, deported from their homes, separated from the companions they love, frightened to death, transported for days on end and finally murdered. Our new website shows that they are not forgotten.

Petition against animal markets in Poland

More than 20.000 people already signed the petition of our partner organization Viva! Interwencje demanding a ban of the sale of "farm" animal at markets.

Please help us and sign the petition!