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Updates on our Projects

Project Spain

‚Dairy' Cow Holding in Spain

Inspecting ‚Dairy' Cow Holdings in Spain

28.07.2018: Together with our partner organization ANDA, we return to Spain to further invest into ‚dairy' cow holdings in Galicia. Our two teams visit stables ...[more]

Project India

Education Campaign

Education Campaign for the Protection of Calves

23.06.2018: Together with the VSPCA team, we visit villages in the region of Bhimunipatnam to stop them from bringing ‘mixed-race’ calves to the temple ...[more]

Project Brussels / EU

EU Working Group Equidae in Europe

Attending EU Animal Welfare Platform Meeting

21.06.2018: Animals‘ Angels attends the EU Animal Welfare Platform’s third meeting in Brussels. The main topics are: animal transport, the EU ...[more]

Project Morocco

Helping the Animals at Skherat Market

Helping the Animals at Skherat Market

20.05.2018: This Sunday, our Morrocean team visits Skherat animal market. It is very hot already in the morning. But due to Ramadan, there are ...[more]

Project Long Distance Transports EU

Lecture Animals' Angels

Holding Lecture at EU-Commission Initiative

18.05.2018: ‚Better Training, Safer Food’ is an initiative of the European Commission, covering among other animal welfare laws. The aim is to provide ...[more]

Project Poland

Horse Being Loaded onto Truck at Pajeczno Horse Market, Poland

Inspecting Pajeczno Horse Market

12.05.2018: The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals' Angels, inspects the large horse market in Pajeczno. Many horses are loaded on ...[more]

Project Camel Transports

Transport of Camel Babies Jason and Filco, UAE

Transport of Two Camel Babies

12.05.2018: Animals‘ Angels follows a transport with two young camel babies on board: Jason and Filco. They have already been on this transport ...[more]

Project Tanzania

Training Institute Mabuki, Tanzania

Visiting Agricultural Training Institute in Mabuki

04.04.2018:  One day after our joint field trip to the cattle and goat market, we discuss with the students their experiences, their positive observations ...[more]

Project Australia

Skinny ‚Milk' Cows at Warrnambool Saleyard, Australia

Visiting Warrnambool Saleyard

14.02.2018: Animals‘ Angels visits Warrnambool saleyards where mostly cattle and occasionally small numbers of sheep are traded. Today, about ... [more]

Project Romania

Sheep in Trunk, Calugareni Animal Market, Romania

Animal Trade at Calugareni not Suspended

17.12.2017: Animals’ Angels is again in Romania and observes the weekly market of Calugareni. Since we first visited this market in 2006, it was never ...[more]

Project Qatar

Animals' Angels Raising Awareness at Abu Hanmour Market

Raising Awareness at Abu Hanmour Market

16.10.2017: At the huge market of Abu Hanmour, Animals‘ Angels distributes leaflets showing the correct handling of animals ... [more]

Project Oman

Camels Being Loaded onto Transport Vehicle in Oman

Oman Investigation

11.-17.09.2017: For the first time, Animals‘ Angels is with the animals in Oman, and especially with the camels there. We check holdings, traditional markets... [more]


Since we started our work in 1996 Animals' Angels inspectors have met literally hundreds of thousands of animals all over the world, deported from their homes, separated from the companions they love, frightened to death, transported for days on end and finally murdered. Our new website shows that they are not forgotten.