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Updates on our projects

Project Long Distance Transports EU

Ministry for Animal Health, Italy

Appointment at Ministry of Animal Health, Italy

25.07.2016: Animals’ Angels is welcomed by the General Director (DG) of Animal Health at the Italian Ministry of Health to discuss the current... [more]

Project Romania

Inspection of Calugareni Animal Market

Inspection of Calugareni Animal Market

17.07.2016: Early in the morning, an Animals’ Angels team arrives at Calugareni Market to check the animals’ situation. Despite not having the... [more]

Project Creating Awareness EU

Animals' Angels Veganmania Regensburg

Info Booth at Veganmania Regensburg

16.07.2016: Animals‘ Angels hosts an info booth at Veganmania in Regensburg informing many people on the reality behind animal transports... [more]

Project Poland

Report "Animal Markets in Poland" sent to Key Journalists

Market Report sent to Key Journalists

14.07.2016: Viva! Interwencje sends out another badge of our joint market report 'Animal Markets in Poland' to polish key journalists... [more]

Project Morocco

Animals' Angels at Skherat Animal Market, Morocco

Taking Action at Skherat Animal Market

19.06.2016: Due to Ramadan, there are only few people at Skherat market today. It is very hot so the Animals’ Angels team immediately gets to... [more]

Project Australia

Sheep in Pen, Saleyard Australia

Attending Katanning Saleyard

15.06.2016: Animals’ Angels attend the yard where just over 9000 sheep are for sale. The temperature is 12-13 degrees C but clear and the sun is shining. We... [more]

Project Dairy Industry EU

Tie-Stall in Germany

German Minister Defends Tie-Stalls

14.06.2016: Two years ago we started our project against tie-stalls of cattle. In April 2016 the topic has reached the highest political level as the... [more]

Project India

CRPI India

Calf Adoption / Animal Market Committee Meetings

May 2016: In May, our CRPI Team in India focused on the hundreds of calves donated by devotees to the temple of Simhachalam. Without our team taking action... [more]

Project Spain

El Rocio Festival, Spain

Monitoring El Rocio Festival

16.05.2016: Animals’ Angels supports the great work done by El Refugio del Burrrito (Donkey Sanctuary) by monitoring the treatment of equines... [more]

Project Brussels / EU

Animals' Angels Founder Christa Blanke meets EU Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis

Meeting with EU Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis

11.05.2016: In Strasbourg, Animals Angels Founder Christa Blanke took part in a meeting with EU Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis... [more]

Project Tanzania

Animals' Angels Taking Action for the Animals in Tanzania

Taking Action in Tanzania

March 2016: Once again, Animals‘ Angels is taking action for the animals in Tansania. People likewise animals are suffering from high temperatures up... [more]

Project Qatar

Animals' Angels Inspects Animal Markets in Qatar

Meeting with Competent Authorities

01.-08.12.2015: Animals‘ Angels inspects animal markets, husbandries and one slaughterhouse in Qatar and attends several meetings with authorities, industry... [more]


Since we started our work in 1996 Animals' Angels inspectors have met literally hundreds of thousands of animals all over the world, deported from their homes, separated from the companions they love, frightened to death, transported for days on end and finally murdered. Our new website shows that they are not forgotten.

Petition against animal markets in Poland

More than 20.000 people already signed the petition of our partner organization Viva! Interwencje demanding a ban of the sale of "farm" animal at markets.

Please help us and sign the petition!