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21.12.2016 | Visiting Mundijong Animal Market

Heat Stress in Poultry at Animal Market in Australia

Animals’ Angels attend the Mundijong Market where there are several poultry birds for sale, pigs, ponies, an alpaca, and one rabbit.

The temperature today is 42°C with little wind. There is no legislation which prohibits the sale and transport of animals in this heat and so despite the potential distress and heat stress animals will endure, the market carries on.

The handling of the large animals was careful; the pigs were loaded slowly and in small numbers.  Many birds were suffering from the heat of the day. Most had their mouths open but because they were in boxes, and two birds were in a plastic crate the birds appeared to struggle in their attempts to cool down. There were three separate incidents of birds being put in boxes without ventilation. We intervened in all cases but in one incident the buyers put their two boxes of chickens into the boot of their car. The lid was closed and although they lowered the seat opening the space between the boot and the rear seat area the birds were still locked in a small hot space. They didn’t seem to understand this was totally unacceptable.