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Investigation data base

Listed below you find all investigations carried our by Animals' Angels since 2011.

17.04.2018 | Visiting Silleda Cattle Market

Animals' Angels visiting Silleda Cattle Market, Spain

Together with ANDA and veterinarian Dr Alexander Rabitsch, Animals' Angels visits Silleda cattle market. Arriving at the premise, we are friendly welcomed by the market's administration and veterinarian. They are glad about our...[more]

29.03-04.04.2018 | Inspection of Lamb and Sheep Transports Before and After Easter

Lamb Transport During Easter Holidays

Around the Easter holidays, Animals’ Angels inspects sheep and lambs. In this period, there is an intense flow of lambs transported for slaughter from Romania to Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. So far, our team...[more]

04.04.2018 | Day Three at Agricultural Training Institute in Mabuki

Animals' Angels at Mabuki Training Institute, Tanzania

One day after our joint field trip to the cattle and goat market, we discuss with the students their experiences, their positive observations as well as all the problems they have documented. With the help of their notes, we...[more]

03.04.2018 | Day Two at Agricultural Training Institute in Mabuki

Joint Visit of Cattle and Goat Market in Tanzania

Together with the students we visit a cattle and goat market. Equipped with questionnaires and the knowledge of yesterday’s lesson, the 52 students investigate the market premise. They question the attending authorities and...[more]

02.04.2018 | Day One at Agricultural Training Institute in Mabuki

Animals' Angels giving Animal Welfare Lessons at Mabuki College

For the second time, we visit the college in Mabuki where tomorrow’s animal inspectors and agricultural consultant are trained. This time we stay for three days at the campus. Together with the graduating class we address the...[more]

31.03.2018 | We Bring the Topic of Animal Welfare to the Agricultural College in Ukiriguru

Animals' Angels Visits the Agricultural College in Ukiriguru

Animals' Angels visits the agricultural college in Ukiriguru where students are educated in animal farming and crop cultivation. We give a lecture to 59 senior year students about the animal welfare problems at markets and...[more]

March/April 2018 | Visiting Colleges with our Education Package

Visiting Colleges in Tansania

A team of Animals’ Angels is back to Tanzania, bringing with them our extended Education Package for improving animal welfare at markets and during transport. We meet with directors of agricultural colleges, lecturers, animal...[more]

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