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Overview: Our investigations in Romania

23.12.2015 | Inspecting Voinesti Animal Market

Pigs at Voinesti Animal Market, Romania

Voinesti is a village in the county of Dambovita, north Bucharest, with about 7.000 inhabitants. Animals’ Angels checks the local market where general goods are sold. During Christams, one would expect to find a large quantity...[more]

20.12.2015 | Inspecting Calugareni Animal Market

Pig Slaughter at Calugareni Animal Market, Romania

It was 2003 when Animals’ Angels first met the pigs of Calugareni, in Romania, discovering a national tradition called 'the cutting of the pig' that falls on the 20th December, before Christmas, on the day of Saint Ignatius. In...[more]

20.12.2015 | Mare 'Christmas'

Mare Christmas

We named her 'Christmas'. We first met her in the small-town Calarasi at the side of the road hitched to a carriage. She looks miserable. Christmas is blind on one eye, emaciated to the bones and green snot is coming out of her...[more]

19.12.2015 | Inspecting Calarasi Animal Market

Calarasi Animal Market, Romania

Animals' Angels inspects Calarasi animal market in South-East Romania. An especially large number of animals is here today: Turkeys, geese, ducks, chickens and 150 pigs. At the next day’s celebration of Saint Ignatius, it is...[more]

08.11.2015 | Inspecting Targoviste Animal Market

Traction Test for Horses at Targoviste Animal Market

After four investigations, three formal complaints to the police, meetings and a joint check with the authorities, the case of horse abuse in Targoviste seemed finished. The Veterinary Authority and the national and local...[more]

07.08.2015 | Kontrolle des Tiermarktes in Tasnad

Inspection of Tasnad Animal Market, Romania

Animals' Angels is in the county of Satu Mare, north-west Romania, to again check the small market of Tasnad where pigs, calves and cows are sold every week. At the markets' location, at the very the beginning, there was...[more]

06.08.2015 | Inspection of Nausad Animal Market

Inspection of Nausad Animal Market, Romania

Nasaud is the biggest market where 'farm' animals are sold for local consumption in the county of Bistrita-Nasaud in Romania. Since Animals’ Angels checked it for the first time in 2013 the local authorities made little steps to...[more]

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