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Overview: Our investigations in Romania

17.12.2017 | Animal Trade at Calugareni not Suspended

Sheep in Trunk, Calugareni Animal Market, Romania

Animals’ Angels is again in Romania and observes the weekly market of Calugareni. Since we first visited this market in 2006, it was never officially authorized for the trade of animals. Nevertheless, countless animals have been...[more]

08.12.2017 | Animal Trade at Calugareni Market Suspended

Pigs being Traded at Calugareni Animal Market

The veterinary authority of the region Giurgiu, South Romania, ordered the local administration to suspend the trade with animals at Calugareni animal market between 27 November 2017 and 10 January 2018. All vendors trying to...[more]

10.04.2017 | Inspection of Calugareni Animal Market

Calugareni Animal Market, Romania

Animals’ Angels inspects Calugareni animal market where, every Sunday, plenty of animals are traded. This market has no official authorization for trading animals but the competent authorities are not willing to enforce the law....[more]

09.04.2017 | Inspection of Pancota Animal Market

Inspection of Pancota Animal Market, Romania

Easter is almost here – and with it, in many countries, the religious tradition to sacrifice lambs. Animals’ Angels is on-site in Romania to observe these happenings and gain new evidence about the current situation at different...[more]

20.12.2016 | Inspection of Tibana Animal Market

Shackled Animals at Tibana Animal Market, Romania

Animals’ Angels inspects Tibana animal market, Romania. On our last visit three years ago, we found at the market just two persons selling their pigs. Today, sadly, we are confronted with an increased trade of aimals. Even with...[more]

19.12.2016 | Help for the Donkeys Marcelu and Daniel

Help for the Donkeys Marcelu and Daniel

After our visit to the animal market in Calarasi we find donkey Marcelu in the poor area located behind it. Last year, in the same area, we met mare Christmas and we unfortunately could not save her. Marcelu can’t walk properly...[more]

18.12.2016 | Inspection of Calugareni Animal Market

Candle for the Pigs in Romania

In the rural areas of Romania, the predominant activity is growing vegetables and raising animals for self-subsistence. Local markets are the places where people gather to sell their products and, sadly, also animals. This has...[more]

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