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Detailed view: Our investigations in Poland

12.09.2012 | Poland

A team of Animals' Angels and the Polish Organization Viva! checks the cattle market of Lagow. Aproxximately 500 Cows, bulls and calves are for sale. The minimum requirements of the EU for animal markets are violated at Lagow: there are no entrance checks, no drinking troughs, no weather protection. Janucz is bleeding because one of his horns broke off. Most of the cows are emaciated, in a much neglected condition and with dripping udders. Especially Anna attracts our attention, an aged cow who can hardly walk with her swollen joints and much too long hooves. Elsbietha lies in a transporter and cannot stand up. She is dragged from one transporter into another. We inform the police. Shortly after, the Polish police, the local veterinarian and the official veterinarian arrive. The officials take a strong stand for Elsbietha and send the transporter under stringent conditions to the nearest slaughterhouse. Animals' Angels and Viva! file a complaint against the driver and all responsible persons. Further, we will file a complaint at the European Commission about the conditions at Polish cattle markets which violate animal protection laws. Animals' Angels says thank you to Viva! and the Polish authorities for the wonderful cooperation.