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05.12.2016 | Resumption of Case Against Cattle Farmer

2015: Inspection of Cattle Farm in Poland

Almost a year ago, the team of Viva! Interwencje inspected a farm, housing almost 20 cows. The animals were neglected and their stable was extremely dirty with a thick layer of manure. They all lacked water access and the premise was full of dangerous items lying around.

A series of further inspections was followed by the prosecution filed by the team. The local prosecutor, however, dismissed the case, claiming that the owner was not aware of his wrongdoing. The team submitted an appeal to the regional court in Legionowo which supported the notion, arguing that, in the farmer’s case, a sane adult could not have been unaware of having committed animal abuse.

The case is thus handed back to the prosecutor to run the proceedings over again. The decision of the court is a significant one, as Polish courts still find it hard to rule in favor of 'farm' animals.

The prosecution will be further monitored by Viva! Interwencje.