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Magda, Viva! Interwencje  Pawel, Viva! Poland
Magda & Pawel, Viva! Interwencje

Our project: Animal markets, transports and husbandry in Poland

In Germany markets specifically for "slaughter" animals are a thing of the past but in Poland, unfortunately, they are still an important part of the trade in "farm" animals. Animals’ Angels has been active in Poland for over a decade now. Since 2003 we have been observing the trade in cattle and horses in the Bodzentyn district. Since then the conditions have slightly improved. However, EU regulations are still not being enforced. 

Since 2012 we have extended our work in Poland. In close cooperation with Viva! Interwencje we now check markets all over Poland and document the cruelty to animals seen at each site: worn-out cows with swollen joints and badly overgrown hoofs, unmilked cows with dripping udders, emaciated calves, injured and sick animals, totally unsuitable conditions for animal transport and -- again and again -- the failure of the responsible authorities on the spot to intervene to alleviate the suffering.

Our aim:

  • To close down the illegal markets for "slaughter" animals in Poland

Steps towards this goal:

  • To have fines imposed on those responsible for conditions that enable  cruel treatment of animals
  • To lodge complaints against responsible authorities who fail to enforce the law at local, national and EU levels
  • To supply reports to the news media to keep the Polish public informed

Cooperation with Viva! - together we can achieve much more

                       Animals' Angels

  • Years of experience on the ground, checking animal transports, markets, slaughterhouses and farms
  • Expertise in communicating with responsible authorities, politicians and the industry itself about animal welfare problems in the trade in “farm” animals

                   Viva! Interwencje

  • Knowledge of local Polish culture and traditions
  • Knowledge of the Polish language and local dialects
  • Understanding and knowledge of Polish animal welfare laws and how to take advantage of the legislation in order to take legal proceedings
  • Established contacts with local authorities and political decision-makers in Warsaw

  • Network of journalists in the Polish media

Picture gallery project Poland

Cattle at animal market in Poland
'Downer' cow
Loading of cattle
Loading of cattle
Loading of cattle
Cages with chickens
Horses in truck
Cattle tethered to truck
Overgrown hoofs