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Overview: Our investigations for 'milk' cows

21.-22.01.2013 | Germany, Lingen

Animals‘ Angels inspects an auction in Lingen, Lower-Saxony, where mainly ‚milk‘ cows and ‘fattened’ calves are for sale. Despite the breeders association’s directive calling farmers to milk their cows at least every 12 hours,...[more]

17.01.2013 | Germany, Neumünster

Animals‘ Angels inspects a so called „evening auction“ in Neumünster. Hall and stables are nearly bursting at the seams due to the many visitors watching the auction while eating free food and waiting for the “highlight of the...[more]

15.01.2013 | Germany, Leer

Animals‘ Angels again inspects a „bred“ cattle auction, this time in the East Frisian town Leer. Like in Alsfeld (see report from 09.01.2013) the “dairy” cows don´t get milked in the morning so they can be presented with bulging...[more]

09.01.2013 | Germany, Alsfeld

Animals‘ Angels inspects a cattle auction in Alsfeld, Germany. To achieve a higher price the cows don´t get milked in the morning so their udders are bulging when they are brought into the auction ring. The pressure inside their...[more]

03.12.2012 | Portugal, Rates

Animals‘ Angels once again inspects the cattle market in Rates, North Portugal. During the first 15 minutes the team spots four emaciated cows, some limping cows and a cow with an eye disease. But the team has no time to take a...[more]

20.-21.11.2012 | Spain, Torrelavega

Animals’ Angels inspects the animal market in Torrelavega once again.  The main reason for the inspection is that “dairy” cows are still delivered to the market unmilked and with full udders.  The udders are so full,...[more]

17. - 22.09.2012 | Netherlands – Great Britain

Several Animals’ Angels teams are on the road this week in the Netherlands and in Great Britain.  Cows are transported to Great Britain by a Dutch carrier several times per month.  The animals are young “diary” cows and...[more]

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