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Overview: Our investigations for 'milk' cows

13.11.2013 | Germany, Alsfeld

Animals‘ Angels again visits the ‚breeding‘ cattle auction in Alsfeld. In January a team already inspected the auction and noted that the ‘milk’ cows are not being milked in the morning and led into the auction ring with brimful...[more]

05.11.2013 | Germany, Lingen

Animals‘ Angels inspects a cattle auction in Lingen, Lower-Saxony. Mostly ‘milk’ cows and ‘fattening’ calves are for sale. Since the auction inspected in January several improvements for the animals have been achieved due to the...[more]

01.07.2013 | Spain, Gran Canaria

ANDA and Animals‘ Angels inspect several cow husbandries on Gran Canaria. It seems like most ‘dairy’ cows on the island come from Holland or Germany. Admittedly most of the husbandries inspected by our team are free-run...[more]

11.06.2013 | Germany, Bottrop

An Animals‘ Angels team inspects a cow husbandry in Bottrop which repeatedly attracted attention during the past years due to violations against the animal welfare act. In consequence Animals’ Angels repeatedly approached the...[more]

03.05.2013 | Spain, region of Girona

Animals‘ Angels inspects a couple of dairy farms in the Spanish region of Girona. Most farms in this region are modern large-scale factories. However, conditions for the animals are not the best. In most cases the cows have room...[more]

18.02.2013 | Spain, Pola de Siero

Animals‘ Angels inspects the cattle and horse market in Pola de Siero, North West Spain. At this market animals destined to slaughter are for sale. Many of them are disused ‘milk’ cows, which are going to be slaughtered because...[more]

31.01.2013 | Germany, Ilshofen

An inspection at the bred cattle auction in Ilshofen shows that past efforts undertaken by Animals’ Angels to improve the conditions for ‘milk’ cows at such events have been worth it. While the animals were brought unmilked to...[more]

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