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 Pradeep K., founder VSPCA  Krishna Veni, CRPI action team  Sri Devi, CRPI action team

Pradeep K., Founder VSPCA
Krishna Veni, action team
Sri Devi, action team

Overview: Our investigations for the cows in India

February 2017 | Taking Action at Cattle Markets

Animals' Angels Taking Action at Cattle Markets in India

On behalf of Animals‘ Angels, the VSPCA-team takes action at cattle markets in India. Our presence at the markets alone is now enough to prevent the sellers from overloading the transports. Sridevi and her team educate the...[more]

07.01.2017 | Inspecting Illegal Animal Transport: Cattle Confiscated

Overloaded Cattle Transport, India

On behalf of Animals‘ Angels, the VSPCA-team stops a totally overloaded cattle transport. The cattle are loaded so densely that movement is barely possible. One of the cows, we call her Kalasita, lies on the ground unable to get...[more]

23.01.2017 | Meeting of all Market Committees in Andhra Pradesh

Meeting of all Market Committees in Andhra Pradesh

Finally it’s happening! After in 2016 the Supreme Court obliged all animal markets to comply with animal welfare legislation and to establish market committees (see our report), at first not much has happened. But our VSPCA-team,...[more]

August 2016 | 12 Market Inspections

Animal Transport, India

On behalf of Animals‘ Angels, the VSPCA team carries out 12 market inspections – all in all, six markets are each checked twice. After the government of Andra Pradesh has announced to improve the market’s infrastructure, we want...[more]

Juni 2016 | Calf Adoption Programme

Calves at Simhachalam Temple, India

In June, the CRPI Team dedicates its work mostly to the calves who have been abandoned at the temple of Simhachalam. Our team pays regular visits to the temple to collect all free-roaming calves who would otherwise have ended up...[more]

Mai 2016 | Calf Adoptions / Animal Market Committee Meetings

CRPI Indien

In May, our CRPI Team in India focused on the hundreds of calves donated by devotees to the temple of Simhachalam. Without our team taking action, the calves would have invariably been overloaded in trucks and transported to...[more]

02.04.2016 | Interview for Daily Newspaper and TV-Station

Animals' Angels being Interviewed by HMTV, India

Animals‘ Angels and VSPCA give a joint interview to hmtv, an Andra Pradesch-wide daily newspaper and TV-station. We introduce our project and give insights to our experiences at Indian cattle markets and the deficiencies in...[more]

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