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Pradeep K., Founder VSPCA
Krishna Veni, action team
Sri Devi, action team

Overview: Our investigations for the cows in India

29.01.2019 | Animal Market Inspection in Makavarapalem

Animal Market Makavarapalem

Sridevi and our VSPCA team is at Makavarapalem animal market in the Narsipatnam region. Buffalos, chickens and goats are for sale. The market has no infrastructure. There is neither accommodation for the animals, nor food or...[more]

23.09.2018 | VSPCA Defends 28 Bulls in Court

VSPCA Defends 28 Bulls in Court

The VSPCA is in Paderu Court preparing for trial. On 19 August 2018, 28 'slaughter' bulls were confiscated and have been in the custody of the VSPCA ever since. The prosecutor has already signaled support for the VSPCA.[more]

21.09.2018 | Slaughterhouse Inspection in Visakhapatnam

Slaugherhouse Inspection in Visakhapatnam

Together with the police, our team from the VSPCA inspects a slaughterhouse in Visakhapatnam. The slaughter of calves (descendants of sacred cows) is prohibited in the state of Andhra Pradesh. When the team is on site, no...[more]

09.09.2018 | Campaigning for ‚Temple Calves'

Campaigning for ‚Temple Calves'

Our VSPCA team continues its campaign to protect the 'temple calves'. Today they are in Vijayanagaram district. The rainy season has begun, and heavy rains have flooded entire streets, making it difficult for the team to get from...[more]

August 2018 | Animal Welfare Training at Police Academy

Animal Welfare Training at Police Academy

Our VSPCA team is giving a lecture at the Police Academy of Visakhapatnam at the beginning of the 'Student Police Cadet Programme' (SPCP). SPCP is a training program for young people who want to become police officers. Pradeep...[more]

24.08.2018 | Completely Overloaded Cattle Transport Stopped by Police

Overloaded Cattle Transport, India

The Nathavaram police station controls a completely overloaded cattle transport. The loaded bulls are on their way to a slaughterhouse. The truck is so overloaded that the officers find three dead bulls on the loading area. They...[more]

23.08.2018 | Eight Cows Saved from Illegal Slaughter

Eight Cows Saved from Illegal Slaughter

The VSPCA team is called by the police for help: Cows are sold to slaughterhouses in a shelter (Surabhi Goshala) – a violation of India's strict animal welfare law. With the help of the local authorities of the Animal Husbandry...[more]

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