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Overview: Our investigations in Tanzania

26.02.2016 | Inspecting Dar es Salaam Slaughterhouse

Animals' Angels Inspects Dar es Salaam Slaughterhouse

Once again, Animals‘ Angels inspects the cattle and goat slaughterhouse in Dar es Salaam in which each day more than 400 cattle are slaughtered. Built 60 years ago by the Tanzanian government, it has since not been modernized....[more]

25.02.2016 | Inspecting Pugu Cattle Market

Animals' Angels inspects Pugu Cattle Market, Tanzania

Animals' Angels again inspects Pugu cattle and goat market located in Tanzania’s capital city Dar es Salaam. Last year, after our first visit at the market, we have initiated a small project together with the local animal welfare...[more]

06.01.2016 | Inspecting Pugu Cattle Market

Inspection of Pugu Cattle Market, Tanzania

Our Animals’ Angels team of the local organization Taweso visits Pugu cattle market in Dar Es Salaam. The temperature is 36°C. There are a few water troughs going mostly unnoticed by the market users.  With buckets, our...[more]

05.12.2015 | Inspecting Pugu Cattle Market

Inspecting Pugu Cattle Market

When our team arrives at Pugu at midday, the sun is high in the sky and the temperature is 33°C. The problems concerning the ramps at the market have not been solved. Once again, our team puts wooden slats into the gaps between...[more]

12.12.2015 | Inspecting Pugu Cattle Market

Cattle at Pugu Market, Tanzania

Our Animals' Angels team of the local organisation Taweso again visits Pugu cattle market. Approximately 600 cattle are for sale today. Our team observes that the water troughs which are provided by the market administration...[more]

28.11.2015 | Inspecting Pugu Cattle Market

Insufficient Ramp at Pugu Cattle Market, Tanzania.

Animals' Angels inspects Pugu cattle market. Around 500 ‚slaughter' cattle are for sale. One of the most pressing problems at the market is the use of unsuitable ramps and transport vehicles. The ramps are run-down and their...[more]

21.11.2015 | Inspecting Pugu Cattle Market

Emaciated Cattle at Pugu Animal Market

Today, from 10:30 am to 17:00 pm, our team inspects Pugu cattle market where approximately 600 ‘slaughter’ cattle are for sale.  The animals are provided shelter and water troughs, but in much too small numbers. Some...[more]

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Improving Animal Welfare in Tanzania