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Overview: Our investigations in Tanzania

October 2016 | Animals' Angels Signage at Tanzania's Largest Cattle Market

Animals' Angels Signage at Tanzania's Largest Cattle Market

This new 2x3 m signage gives a clear message to the market users at Pugu, Tanzania’s largest cattle market. Some weeks ago we erected this banner directly next to the loading ramp, with the market administration’s approval and...[more]

10.10.2016 | Abraham: a ‚Downer' Bull at Pugu Cattle Market

[Translate to englisch:] Bulle Abraham, Rindermarkt Pugu, Tansania

Animals‘ Angels visits Pugu cattle market in Tanzania. At the verge of the market we see a bull lying on the ground. We call him Abraham. His eyes are closed and his head lies on the ground – nobody takes notice of him. We find...[more]

July - September 2016 | 23 Inspections at Tanzania's Biggestet Cattle Market

Broken Ramp at Pugu Cattle Market, Tanzania

From July to September, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, Taweso team inspects the cattle market in Pugu, Tanzania, 23 times. The team is present at the market twice a week and documents the situation for the animals, is handing...[more]

06.09.2016 | Mbwa Wa Africa Animal Welfare Training for Police in Arusha

Animals’ Angels provides material Mbwa Wa Africa Animal Rescue in the North of Tanzania successfully carried out an Animal Welfare Training for police officers. Six highly motivated officers took part in the seminar. The date...[more]

February - March 2016 | Taking Action for the Animals in Tanzania

Cattle at Market in Tanzania

Once again, Animals‘ Angels is taking action for the animals in Tansania. People likewise animals are suffering from high temperatures up to 35°C. We inspect animal transports, a market and a slaughterhouse and meet with...[more]

02.03.2016 | Meeting with Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development

Animals' Angels Meeting the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development in Tanzania

Animals' Angels and Taweso have an appointment with the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development in Dar es Salaam. We hand in a report addressing the deficiencies at Pugu cattle market and present to the ministry a...[more]

27.02.2016 | Animal Transport Inspections at Highway Checkpoint

Animals' Angels Inspects Animal Transports at Highway Checkpoint in Tanzania

Animals‘ Angels and Taweso visit the highway checkpoint at the main highway going from Dar es Salaam to the west. Spread along 1.200 kilometers, there are five such checkpoints where regular transports as well as animal...[more]

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