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Animal Transport Investigation in Chile: 4 Days on the Sea

Animal Transport Vessel, Chile

Animals’ Angels is on an investigation in the South of Chile. We embark on a four days ferry trip from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt to be there with the animals and take some firsthand evidence about this long-distance transport by sea.

The ferry crossing lasts more than four days. As we imagined, animals in this vessel were treated as cargo. There is a truck loaded with cattle who are forced to spend the journey in a truck with no water supply and not enough space to lay down during the whole trip. We hear their bellow and smelling their manure during the whole journey. In two other trucks horses are loaded. As passengers are not allowed on the cargo deck during the journey it was not easy for us to gather information on the condition of the animals during the trip or reach the trucks to inspect them. According to one of the drivers, one mare died during the crossing as she has been given water from a contaminated bucket. We are told that it is common place that some animals do not survive the transport. 

More than 12.000 animals experienced this trip in 2016. The transports on this route do not comply with the Chilean regulation on animal transport. Now it is time to write reports, contact every competent authority and make a change for the animals.