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Updates on our projects

Project Long Distance Transports EU

Animal Transport, Spain

Withdrawal of Transport License Demanded

02.03.2015: In February 2010, Spanish animal welfare organization ANDA and Animals’ Angels had demanded the transport license of a Spanish... [more]

Project Poland

Poland, Horse Market Skaryszew

Inspection of Skaryszew Horse Market

23.02.2015: Skaryszew horse market, held once a year, is said to be the biggest horse market in Europe. Animals' Angels and Viva! Interwencje are there... [more]

Project Creating Awareness EU

Workshop, Hessian Landtag

Running a Workshop at the Hessian Landtag

21.02.2015: Following an invitation by the German Bundestag fraction Die Linke, Animals’ Angels runs a workshop at the Hessian Landtag. Within the... [more]

Project Australia

Saleyard in Australia

ALPA Produces Animal Welfare Course 

13.02.2015: Last year in response to the many welfare issues in saleyards identified by Animals’ Angels the Australian Livestock Property Agents... [more]

Project Romania

Traction tests for horses in Romania

Verdict Against Traction Tests Expected in March

23.01.2015: One year ago, Animals’ Angels witnessed scenes of shocking maltreatment of several horses at a market in Suceava. A criminal complaint was filed... [more]

Project Brussels / EU

Eu Flag

Attending Animal Rights Conference

09.12.2014: Animals’ Angels attends the Access to Justice Conference organized at the EU Parliamentary building by Compassion in World Farming... [more]

Project Melilla

Street Slaughter Melilla

New Short Film shows Violations

10.11.2014: In October, ANDA and Animals' Angels visited Melilla for the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice, Eid El Kebir. Around 6.000 sheep and... [Watch the short film]

Project India

VSPCA Shelter hit by cyclon Hudhud

Cyclon Hudhud Hits India's Eastern Shores

12.10.2014: At October 12th, with gusts up to 200km per hour, Zyclon Hudhud made landfall on India’s eastern shores. Also affected is our partner... [more]

Project Morocco

Animal market Morocco

Inspection of Animal Market

11.09.2014: Animals‘ Angels visits the weekly market in Sidi Mohammed Ben Rahal, between Casablanca and Marrakech. Like on... [more]


Participation in EFSA survey

Animals‘ Angels participates in a public consultation launched by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The European Commission mandated... [read more]

Australia's Contradiction

Our documentation Australia's Contradiction - Farmed Animal Welfare has been listed at the Australian National Library.

Petition against animal markets in Poland

More than 20.000 people already signed the petition of our partner organization Viva! Interwencje demanding a ban of the sale of "farm" animal at markets.

Please help us and sign the petition!

Derechoanimal about Animals' Angels investigator Julia Havenstein

Julia Havenstein, ex student of the Master in Animal Law and Society of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and now legal advisor for Animals´ Angels, takes us behind the scenes of European livestock markets. [read more]