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About us

Animals' Angels

  • is recognised as the animal protection organisation that specialises in farm-animal transport
  • has global reach
  • calls for the enforcement of existing animal protection laws
  • asserts the right of animals to life, liberty and happiness
  • aims to have animals treated as sentient beings with rights
  • regards the struggle for animal rights as on a par with the struggle for human rights

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Our motto: we are there with the animals

The bedrock of Animals’ Angels’ work is our solidarity with suffering animals. At the centre of our beliefs stands our motto: We are there with the animals. That is the source of our dedication and our strength.

Animals’ Angels is internationally regarded as a well-qualified specialist organisation with a high ethical profile, known to official bodies, political groups and the haulage industry as well as to other animal protection organisations.

Our strategy

By specialising in one area of animal protection we avoid spreading our energies too thinly. After 15 years of activity we have gained extensive knowledge of the field and expertise. Our teams conduct on-the-spot investigations at slaughterhouses, ports, holding areas, border control points and animal markets and we are constantly on the road, following the transport lorries. We report only what we ourselves have witnessed.

The documented results of our missions – reports, photographs and video footage are handed over to relevant authorities and used to lodge judicial complaints, make reports to the police or instigate further legal measures. Our information is accepted as reliable and serious.

Animals’ Angels is in constant touch with veterinary authorities, the police and influential political decision-makers in Europe and beyond. As a result, we can negotiate in the name of animals at the highest level.

Animals’ Angels worldwide

The work of Animals’ Angels is international.

The “livestock” industry exports  high-output breeds and industrial rearing  systems all over the world. We export our animal protection principles and the fruits of our experience and expertise. We are there with the animals when they are in a bad situation, even if it means travelling to the other end of the world. In order to achieve the best possible results for the animals we work together with several partners, chosen according to strict ethical criteria, in other countries.

Further information about our work with the animals can be found at Projects.

Animals’ Angels as a specialist organisation in Germany and Europe

In the last 20 years Animals’ Angels has achieved much for animals being transported:

  • transport conditions have improved greatly since the 1990s, although transport times are still far too long and conditions unacceptable
  • the police in EU member states are much better trained to check animal transport lorries and many officials are highly motivated to demand strict adherence to the law
  • many veterinary officials are now aware of the suffering animals may endure when being transported and more veterinarians than ever before are actively intervening to stop suffering:
  • Animals’ Angels’ archive, filled to bursting point with material collected over 15 years of missions on the ground, is used in enquiries by scientists, politicians and the media.
  • Thanks to the 8hours campaign more than one million EU citizens as well as the European Parliament have expressed a loud and clear NO to long-distance animal transport.

It is now up to the EU law-makers and executive to introduce further improvements.

Animals’ Angels is using its influence in Germany and throughout Europe to achieve further improvements for animals being transported. We can be found working with political bodies where laws and regulations on animal transport are discussed and compiled. By taking part in conferences and animal-transport working groups, instituting legal proceedings and publishing specialist reports we can champion the rights of so-called “farm” animals.

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Animals' Angels e.V. is a recognized non-profit association. Our charitable status is regularly reviewed by the tax office. The association is financed exclusively through donations, sponsorship contributions and legacies. The funds are used solely for the purpose of achieving the association’s objectives – long-term improvements for the so-called “farm and slaughter” animals.

Picture gallery

The Animals' Angels logo
Projekt manager Julia provides pigs on board of a truck with water
Animals' Angels at a police training in Italy
The police inspects a truck reported by Animals' Angels
Animals' Angels trains policemen in Italy
Project manager Julia at a conference in Dublin regarding animal transports
Project manager Sophie in India
Project manager Sophie in India