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No Milk Today. Let’s Talk about Cows.

Cover: No Milk Today. Let’s Talk about Cows.

This document deals with cows. It’s not about the milk, not about the consumer, not about worldwide sales markets. It’s about Margaret, Amelie, Katinka and Lottie. It’s about the privileges of farmers and their statutory license to abuse ‘dairy’ cows.

Whoever wants to keep their illusions about idyllic half-timbered farmhouses surrounded by green pastures where clean cows graze should put away this booklet. And whoever wants to find evidence to bolster their beliefs about the “big bad” factory farms and the “good” family-run farms, should also put this booklet away. But whoever wants to know the truth about the origins of milk and cheese, curds and yogurt, should read this booklet very carefully.

We have been conducting thorough research for years. We were there with the cows – in the barn, on the transporter, at the slaughterhouse. We are reporting only what we ourselves have seen or what we have taken from official sources.

The facts that we have compiled are deplorable. This is not surprising: The life of the majority of ‘dairy’ cows in Germany is deplorable. If the fates of the cows in this document touch you, you need not be ashamed. They touch us too – when we watch, film or write about them.

The documentation is temporarily out of print but available as download.

ISBN 978-3-9814946-2-4