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Contempt for the Citizens

Cover: Contempt for the Citizens

It is a rare occasion indeed when, within a short period of 14 months, 38 parliamentary Questions and 16 follow-up questions are tabled on the same issue. We are publishing these Parliamentary Questions and the answers of the European Commission because we are concerned for democracy, as well as the animals.

After European citizens had pressured their representatives in Parliament to table these Parliamentary Questions in 2012-13, the disrespect and contempt evinced by the Commission for the elected representatives of the people and its ignorance about the concerns they raised became strikingly obvious.

After nearly two decades of work on the roads of Europe and after numerous dealings with all stakeholders in this deplorable trade in living animals, Animals’ Angels is in a solidly based position, founded on scrupulous research and irrefutable evidence, to compare the answers of the Commission with reality.

Our examination of their answers shows that they are scientifically flawed, demonstrate ignorance of the problems in practice, and are irrelevant for the future implementation of animal welfare in Europe.

Available as download.

ISBN 978-3-9814946-8-6