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Australia’s Contradiction – Farmed Animal Welfare

Cover: Australia’s Contradiction – Farmed Animal Welfare

Successive Australian governments have claimed to be world leaders in animal welfare. Whilst it could be argued that our “outcome based” as opposed to ‘prescriptive’ legislation as used in place in the EU, does have the capacity to provide adequate redress to animal welfare issues, this can only occur IF the Animal Welfare Legislation, Codes of Practice and Regulations are routinely and consistently enforced.

Outcome based legislation is one whereby an act of obvious cruelty must occur before the breach can be reported and by then, the animal has already suffered and possibly died. Without active enforcement there is not, and can never be, any PREVENTION of cruelty and suffering. Without enforcement, our efforts remain a theory be cause our efforts have failed in practice.

Animals’ Angels is the only group in Australia which actively and routinely monitor the farmed animal industry for compliance with animal welfare legislation. Although our resources are stretched to the limit, with consistent and regular inspection, we assess the operation of farmed animal markets (saleyards), short and long distance transport and the export of live animals. These inspections are meticulously documented and substantiated with video and photos. We have access to independent veterinarians and animal welfare legal advice which allows us to make a professional judgment on whether or not these operations comply with animal welfare laws.

What we can’t do is enforcement.

The documentation is temporarily out of print but available as download.

ISBN 978-3-9814946-3-1