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Animal Suffering is Inherent in long Distance Transports

Cover: Animal Suffering is Inherent in long Distance Transports

The Lisbon Treaty re-affirms the European Union‘s commitment to animal welfare and creates an explicit duty regarding animal welfare under EU law. This means that the EU and its Member States have to pay full regard to animal welfare in policies relating, inter alia, to transport, agriculture and internal market.

Nevertheless, this avowed goal of broad animal protection and welfare is still not reflected in the European legislation on the protection of “farm” animals. Some fields, where unsatisfactory animal welfare conditions are prevalent, are not regulated at all. Beyond that, in numerous cases, existing EU legislation does not even ensure the very basic needs of the animals. What is more, EU legislation on the protection of “farm” animals regularly disregards the so-called “Five Freedoms” which are considered as the basis of EU animal welfare policy.

Once again, the present report provides evidence from scientific research and through examples of empirical investigations that animal suffering is inherent in long distance transport.

The documentation was publisehd in 2012 and is temporarily out of print but available as download.

ISBN 978-3-9814946-1-7