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Reviews "Let my People go"

Samantha Chandler, The Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals, Hampshire, UK. January 2014.

I started reading your new book today – I can hardly put it down! It is an amazing piece of work and in my opinion a very important book indeed.

I am not yet half way through but am really excited about this – as soon as I have finished it I will do a review and start promoting it as much as I can. I just had to write and tell you!

There are some wonderful quotes in it.

With very best wishes.

Revd Lynne Chitty, Devon, UK. January 2014

Thank you so much for sending the book. I would love to see it in the hand of every clergy and every PCC member and everyone involved with worship and who is exploring the spiritual life.

I'm sure many theologians will argue the letter of the law with Christa but they can't argue the spirit - the book is tough, beautiful, heartbreaking and spirit filled- just one instance - welcoming the stranger, visiting those in prison - putting that in the context of animal welfare isn't sentimental it is the essence of the Kingdom.