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Books published by Animals' Angels Press

Protection of animals during transport in the EU and in Lebanon

Protection of Animals During Transport in the EU and in Lebanon

Julia Havenstein, 2014 (Englisch)

In this paper Julia Havenstein, in cooperation with Animals Angels, presents her master thesis with which she obtained the Master of Laws LL.M degree (Animal Law&Society) at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Faculty of Law in 2013. [more]

Christa Blanke, Let my people go

Let my People go

Christa Blanke, on behalf of Animals' Angels, 2013 (English)

Well known biblical stories are told in the context of animal rights. Yet this book is not about theology, but rather about faith and spirituality. [more]

Christa Blanke, With the eyes of love

With the Eyes of Love

Christa Blanke, on behalf of Animals' Angels, 2011 (English, German, Spanish, Italian)

Anyone who becomes involved in the fate of “slaughter” animals will inevitably witness brutality and death on an unimaginable scale. Modern agribusiness pushes animals to the limits of their endurance. Their suffering takes place behind closed doors, away from the public gaze. [more]