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25.11.2018 | Taking Action for the Animals at Skherat Market

Taking Action for the Animals at Skherat Market

It's Sunday morning, 9:00. The Moroccan Animals' Angels team – Habib and Boubaker – is back to help the animals at Skherat market.

During their tour, they meet Said. He sells sheep, but unlike the other owners he lets his animals run free. They are not tied up at their legs or necks, as is customary at the markets, but stand together in the herd. He stays with his animals all the time and takes care of them. Unfortunately, the very few owners do that. Most sellers prefer to tie up their animals and put them down like lifeless bags on the dirty floor between all the turmoil – this makes it easier for them to 'handle' their animals and they don't have to look after them all the time. For the animals, however, this means enormous stress and suffering. Habib and Boubaker affirm Said and praise him for his more animal-friendly approach and his good example to other market visitors.

Fortunately, Habib and Boubaker do not find any major injuries among the donkeys and horses at the 'parking lot' today. They free the 'working' animals from their harnesses and talk extensively with the owners about the importance of giving their animals breaks from hard work. They also supply the thirsty animals with water, which they fetch from the nearby slaughterhouse. And our team has enough time today to treat the exhausted animals with pats and back massages.