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11.02.2018 | Caring for the Animals at Skherat Market

Animals' Angels is Caring for the Animals at Skherat Animal Market

Since the early morning, Animals‘ Angels is at Skherat animal market.

At first, Habib and Boubaker inspect the selling area for sheep and cattle to check whether the owners are using the special collars we repeatedly distributed at the market. Unfortunately, we do not spot a single animal wearing one. The sheep and goats have tied legs, or are tied-up in groups with a taut rope around their necks.

Our team spots two sheep on the loading bed of a motorized freight tricycle. The owner has spanned a kind of cloth over them – for their protection, he tells us. Even if the vehicle is totally unsuitable for transporting animals, this man at least gave some thought to how he could transport his animals more safely.

However, some other people do not bother at all. Like in the case of a donkey who has a rope as a halter wrapped around his head. It sits so tightly that it is squeezing his eye. Habib and Boubaker cut the rope to deliver the donkey from his pain.

Unfortunately, they again meet several donkeys suffering from abrasions and injuries caused by unfitting halters and harnesses. They clean their wounds and help where possible.

Donkey Michel is back at the market today. By now, his wound looks much better, not least because of our team’s commitment to help. Sadly, he must work yet again. Our team insistently talks to his owner, stressing that Michel still needs a lot of breaks. Habib and Boubaker will visit Michel next week at home to make sure that he will get appropriate resting.