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07.02.2018 | Visiting two Saleyards in Western Australia

Thousands of Sheep inside Roofed Hall, Saleyard Western-Australia

Over the course of three days, Animals‘ Angels visits two Saleyards in Western Australia. During that time, more than 46.000 sheep and lambs as well as 1.650 cattle are being sold. The high numbers reflect the dimension of the business with animals, depriving them of any individuality. All three markets have been regularly visited by Animals’ Angels in the past.

Both markets take place inside big roofed halls. Most of the animals have access to water. Despite the high numbers, it is surprisingly quiet. Especially on one market, the professional and calm handling of animals stands out. We learn that the market director had organized for his staff special training courses on low stress handling of cattle to ensure better and calm handling. We appreciate this initiative.

Nonetheless, we find overcrowded pens at both markets. In some cases, the animals inside are packed so densely that some have problems or even no chance at all to reach the water devices.

Also at both markets, we and the market staff spot sheep who are not fit for transport because they suffer from lameness or other painful conditions. These animals are afterwards being euthanized on-site.