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Investigation data base

Listed below you find all investigations carried our by Animals' Angels since 2011.

25. – 26.05.2012 | Spanien | Corao

Animals’ Angels and the Spanish animal welfare organisation Anda inspect once more the traditional cow and horse market, taking place every year in Corao.  It is the largest traditional market in Spain, counting...[more]

25.05.2012 | Italy

Animals’ Angels is on the highway when spotting two empty trucks, with cages for poultry. After some hours the trucks are coming back at different times, they are both loaded with laying hens. The team follows the second truck...[more]

24.05.2012 | Italy

Animals’ Angels observes a truck with a trailer transporting about 5000 laying hens. The truck enters the slaughterhouse after at least two hours of travelling.. All was quick but a hen can be seen with her wing sticking out of...[more]

22.05.2012 | Italy

Animals’ Angels observes two transports of turkeys bound for a slaughterhouse. Some animals have their feet trapped in the cages, one of them is injured and bleeding. One turkey appears to be dead because his head is squeezed by...[more]

16.5.2012 | Australia | Mundijong market

Poultry, other types of birds, rabbits, sheep and one horse is for sale. Many of the birds are without water. The animal welfare Inspector is present and monitoring handling/transport of the sheep which is good because this yard...[more]

14. – 16.05.2012 | Turkey | Martaş

Animals’ Angels observes the unloading of the animal cargo ship “Bader III” from Australia in the port of Martaş in Turkey.  35,000 Australian sheep were pent-up in this ship for more than three weeks to finally meet death...[more]

10. – 11.05.2012 | Spain | Caldes de Montbui – France | Salon de Provence

At the Spanish-French border Animals’ Angels inspects a transport with horses which are taken to Italy to be slaughtered.  As the transport breaches animal welfare legislation in several respects, the team follows the lorry...[more]

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