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Investigation data base

Listed below you find all investigations carried our by Animals' Angels since 2011.

16.12.2017 | Visiting Tarameade Poultry Market

Poultry Cages at Tarameade Poultry Market, Australia

Animals’ Angels visit Tarameade poultry market for the first time. The caging is a very high standard, with each cage having sufficient room for the bird to stand naturally, sufficient room to move and with water...[more]

14.12.2017 | Visiting Colac Saleyard

Cattle Pens, Saleyard Colac, Australia

Animals’ Angels visit Colac Regional Saleyard where a number of cattle and dairy cows, 2 calves and 30 sheep are for sale. We observe some dairy calves are thin and their udders are leaking milk. The calves are fit to transport...[more]

13.12.2017 | Lamb Transport from Romania to Italy

Lamb Transport from Romania to Italy: Insufficient Ceiling Height

In Slovenia, Animals‘ Angels is looking especially for transports with lambs going from Romania to Italy. Each year, shortly before Christmas, the number of lamb transports is rising. Already on the second day, we find a truck...[more]

13.12.2017 | Visiting Leongatha Saleyard

Animals’ Angels visit Leongatha saleyard. The sign on the front of the facility states “Diseased and crippled animals will not be accepted”. It appears this is not the case because we document a cow with a red and swollen right...[more]

12.12.2017 | Visiting Pakenham Saleyard

Saleyard Pakenham, Australia

Animals’ Angels visit Pakenham where 500 cows, 30 bulls and 76 calves are offered for sale. We document several cows have full udders and two are leaking milk. In our view, they appear uncomfortable when walking. We note two...[more]

11.12.2017 | Visiting Calf Sale at Warragul Saleyard

Calf Sale at Warragul Saleyard, Australia

Animals’ Angels visits Warragul calf sale to check on compliance to the legislation on fit to sell and load, handling, transport and collection of bobby calves. All of the 71 small calves for sale today are fit to be sold,...[more]

08.12.2017 | Animal Trade at Calugareni Market Suspended

Pigs being Traded at Calugareni Animal Market

The veterinary authority of the region Giurgiu, South Romania, ordered the local administration to suspend the trade with animals at Calugareni animal market between 27 November 2017 and 10 January 2018. All vendors trying to...[more]

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