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Investigation data base

Listed below you find all investigations carried our by Animals' Angels since 2011.

13.05.2017 | Inspecting Pajeczno Horse Market

Horse Market Pajeczno, Poland

The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals' Angels, inspects the horse market in Pajęczno. The market starts very early in the morning. The horses arriving from all across the country are already tired after their long...[more]

12.05.2017 | Meeting with EU Commission in Brussels

Meeting with EU Commission in Brussels

Animals‘ Angels attends a meeting with the EU Commission handing-over our new compilation report. The 400-page document includes all animal welfare infringements regarding long distance transport reported by Animals’ Angels to...[more]

11.04.2017 | Kontrolle einer Tierhaltung

Inspection of Animal Husbandry in Poland

On behalf of Animals’ Angels, the team of Viva! Interwencje inspects a premise where 15 goats and 15 dogs are kept. Finally, after quite a long time, in response to the team's earlier notion, a prosecutor has issued a search...[more]

10.04.2017 | Inspection of Calugareni Animal Market

Calugareni Animal Market, Romania

Animals’ Angels inspects Calugareni animal market where, every Sunday, plenty of animals are traded. This market has no official authorization for trading animals but the competent authorities are not willing to enforce the law....[more]

09.04.2017 | Inspection of Pancota Animal Market

Inspection of Pancota Animal Market, Romania

Easter is almost here – and with it, in many countries, the religious tradition to sacrifice lambs. Animals’ Angels is on-site in Romania to observe these happenings and gain new evidence about the current situation at different...[more]

30.03.2017 | Inspection of Piglet Transport in Italy

Piglet Transport from Denmark to Italy

In Italy, Animals’ Angels trails a transport with Danish piglets destined to fattening. The trade of piglets between both countries nearly tripled between 2014 and 2016 (source: Eurostat). The little animals we can inspect are...[more]

28.03.2017 | Inspection of Lamb Transports Shortly Before Easter

Transport with Lambs going from Hungary to Italy

Shortly before Easter, Animals’ Angels monitors the route from Eastern Europe to Italy, the biggest importer of lambs within the EU. Last year, Italy imported 888.574 lambs via transport from France, Spain, Romania, Hungary,...[more]

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