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Investigation data base

Listed below you find all investigations carried our by Animals' Angels since 2011.

08.12.2017 | Animal Trade at Calugareni Market Suspended

Pigs being Traded at Calugareni Animal Market

The veterinary authority of the region Giurgiu, South Romania, ordered the local administration to suspend the trade with animals at Calugareni animal market between 27 November 2017 and 10 January 2018. All vendors trying to...[more]

30.11.2017 | Inspection of Léon Horse Market

Léon Horse Market, Spain

Animals‘ Angels and ANDA again inspect Léon horse market. After last year’s complaint about the many violations during transports and poor veterinary inspections, the official veterinarians are doing a good job today. In...[more]

29.11.2017 | Inspection of Santiago de Compostela Cattle Market

Cows at Santiago de Compostela Cattle Market, Spain

Animals‘ Angels inspects the animal market in Santiago de Compostela. Our last visit was in 2011. Many worn-out ‘milk’ cows are sold here and always was their health condition a problem at the market. But thanks to the...[more]

28.11.2017 | Inspection of Cattle Auction in Silleda

Cattle Auction in Silleda, Spain

ANDA and Animals‘ Angels inspect an auction in Silleda, North Spain, where young calves, worn out ‘milk’ cows and other ‘slaugther’ cattle are for sale. The market’s facilities are in good order. All animals have access to...[more]

27.11.2017 | Animal Market Inspection in Pola de Siero

Lame Cow Anabel at Pola de Siero Animal Market, Spain

Animals‘ Angels an ANDA from Spain inspect the animal market in Pola de Siero where cattle and some horses are sold to slaughter on a weekly basis. Over the past years, we have been regularly inspecting this market and,...[more]

26.11.2017 | Inspecting Animal Transports in Italy

Long Distance Horse Transport from Poland to Italy

A team of Animals´ Angels monitors the western and eastern borders of Italy where animals arrive in trucks coming from Spain, France and Eastern Europe. The majority coming from the west are cattle destined for slaughter or...[more]

16.11.2017 | Attending Animal Welfare Conference

Animals’ Angels, other welfare groups, industry and some Govt members are invited by the Minister of Agriculture to participate in an Animal Welfare Review conference in Perth. The conference is about who should control...[more]

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