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Investigation data base

Listed below you find all investigations carried our by Animals' Angels since 2011.

10.02.2018 | Third Day at Birqash Camel Market, Egypt

Camels on Truck at Birqash Animal Market in Egypt

For the third day, Animals’ Angels visits Birqash market in Egypt to be there with the camels. Contrary to yesterday, there are much less animals and traders at the premise and thus the atmosphere is a lot quieter. But not for...[more]

10.02.2018 | Caring for the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market

Boubaker is Feeding the Animals at Mers El Kheir Market, Morocco

Animals‘ Angels is there with the animals at Mers El Kheir market. During their first walk around the market, Habib and Boubaker meet a donkey they had helped before with his open back wound. Fortunately, the wound has fully...[more]

09.02.2018 | Second Day at Birqash Camel Market, Egypt

Camel Transport at Birqash Market, Egypt

For the second time, our team visits Birqash camel market in Egypt. There are camels and traders as far as the eye can see. The general atmosphere is even more hectic and agitated as yesterday and we have to pay attention to be...[more]

08.02.2017 | Visiting Birqash Camel Market in Egypt

Camel Slipping into Gap between Ramp and Truck during Unloading at Birqash Camel Market, Egypt

Two teams of Animals‘ Angels make their first visit to Birqash camel market in Egypt. The market is one of the biggest in the country and located north of Cairo. Camel traders and buyers from Egypt and other countries, e. g....[more]

07.02.2018 | Visiting two Saleyards in Western Australia

Thousands of Sheep inside Roofed Hall, Saleyard Western-Australia

Over the course of three days, Animals‘ Angels visits two Saleyards in Western Australia. During that time, more than 46.000 sheep and lambs as well as 1.650 cattle are being sold. The high numbers reflect the dimension of the...[more]

02.02.2018 | Inspecting Thummapala Animal Market

Young Cattle at Thummapala Animal Market, India

Our Indian team inspects Thummapala cattle market where hundreds of calves and young cattle are being offered for sale. Additionally, pigs are being slaughtered directly at the market. The ground is littered with plastic waste...[more]

22.01.2018 | Animal Market Inspection in Thallapalem

Goats with Tethered Legs, Thallapalem Shandy, India

Our Indian team visits Thallapalam animal market where goats, pigs and poultry are being sold. Contrary to legislation, the animals don’t get any water or food. Many of them lie on the dusty ground with their legs tied...[more]

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