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Investigation data base

Listed below you find all investigations carried our by Animals' Angels since 2011.

26.02.2018 | Animal Owner Sentenced to Pay a Fine

Viva! Inspects Animal Husbandry in Poland

The court case concerning illegal slaughter of goats and sheep at a private holding discovered by the team of Viva! in 2016 has finally come to an end. The Regional Court in Pruszków found the owner of the facility guilty as...[more]

19.02.2018 | Inspection of Skaryszew Horse Market

Horses Tied to Truck, Horse Market Skaryszew, Poland

The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, inspects the annual horse market in Skaryszew. This year, the infamous market was announced as being completely different than usual. ‚Slaughter’ horse traders were...[more]

19.02.2018 | Inspection of Bodzentyn Horse Market

Horses at Bodzentyn Market, Poland

The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, inspects the horse market in Bodzentyn, taking place simultaneously to the big horse market in Skaryszew. The market in Bodzentyn sees a much smaller number of horses,...[more]

14.02.2018 | Visiting Warrnambool Saleyard

Skinny ‚Milk' Cows at Warrnambool Saleyard, Australia

Animals‘ Angels visits Warrnambool saleyards where mostly cattle and occasionally small numbers of sheep are traded. Today, about 1.100 cattle and calves are for sale.  The walkways for the traders are roofed, but the pens...[more]

13.02.2018 | Visiting Ballarat Saleyard

Sheep at Saleyard in Australia

Animals‘ Angels visits Ballarat saleyard. 30.000 sheep are for sale today. The sheep pens are neither roofed nor equipped with water troughs. This is problematic, especially due to temperatures of up to 28 °C and high density...[more]

12.02.2018 | Visiting Mortlake Saleyard

Narrow Bull Stalls at Saleyard in Australia

For the first time, Animals‘ Angels visits Mortlake cattle saleyard. Today is the third animal sale since the newly built yard has been recently completed. The infrastructure is very modern: the roof offers air circulation and...[more]

11.02.2018 | Caring for the Animals at Skherat Market

Animals' Angels is Caring for the Animals at Skherat Animal Market

Since the early morning, Animals‘ Angels is at Skherat animal market. At first, Habib and Boubaker inspect the selling area for sheep and cattle to check whether the owners are using the special collars we repeatedly...[more]

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