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Investigation data base

Listed below you find all investigations carried our by Animals' Angels since 2011.

27.11.2016 | Market Inspection at Targoviste

Warning Signs at Targoviste Market

Animals´ Angels comes back to Targoviste to check the situation at the weekly local market.In the previous three years, we sent complaints to the authorities denouncing the very bad habit of horse owners to gather at the market...[more]

26.11.2016 | Horse-Abuse at Vicovu de Sus Animal Market

Horse Abuse at Vicovu de Sus Animal Market, Romania

Animals´ Angels returns in the region of Suceava, north east of Romania, to check the situation at the weekly market that takes place in Vicovu de Sus, a small village wrapped into winter fog. Two years ago, the investigators...[more]

25.11.2016 | Attending Advisory Group Plenary Meeting

Dr Alexander Rabitsch, on behalf of Animals' Angels, at the Advisory Group plenary meeting in Brussels.

On behalf of Animals' Angels, Dr Alexander Rabitsch participates in the plenary meeting of the Advisory Group on the Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health in Brussels. In our presentation we ask whether proper enforcement of the...[more]

25.11.2016 | Early-Weaned Piglets from Germany to Spain

Early-Weaned Piglets on Long Distance Transport from Germany to Spain

Animals‘ Angels follows a truck with early-weaned piglets over 1.700 km from Germany to a slaughterhouse in Spain. During loading the piglets are very anxious. They scream and move through the truck’s compartments about one...[more]

24.11.2016 | Inspection of Swan Hill Saleyard

Saleyard Inspection Animals' Angels

Animals’ Angels visit the Swan Hill Regional Livestock Exchange Victoria for the first time. The sheep sales have ended for the year so we are surprised to find at least 6 sheep in a pen of approx. 40 sheep who are non-weight...[more]

24.11.2016 | Meeting Veterinary Authority in Bucharest

Meeting Veterinary Authority in Bucharest

Animals´ Angels meets the veterinary authorities in Bucharest to discuss our publication Myth of Enforcement and the need for a change of the existing legislation which is insufficient to assure minimum protection for animals on...[more]

23.11.2016 | Visiting Horsham Saleyard

Overcrowded Pen, Saleyard Australia

Animals’ Angels visit the saleyard for the first time. There are 12.700 sheep and lambs for sale. The yard has a system in place which clears all people from the area immediately after sale. This makes it easier to move the...[more]

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