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Investigation data base

Listed below you find all investigations carried our by Animals' Angels since 2011.

19.12.2011 - 21.12.2011 | Italy | Motorway

Animals' Angels monitors highway A4 and a main road in northern Italy. Many trucks are transporting animals. Animals' Angels observes a transport of turkeys, some legs and wings of the birds are trapped out of the cages so that...[more]

18.12.2011 | Italy | Rome

Animals' Angels together with the italian association Lav were in Italy, in Rome, to make a training course related to the application of the Council Regulation (EC) 1/2005 about the protection of the animals during transport....[more]

15.12.2011 | Australia | Hamilton Victoria

Animals’ Angels observe and document the sale of over 15000 sheep. We don’t see any rough handling and all dogs are muzzled. However we note lane upon lane of selling pens each holding far too many sheep. The pens are so tight...[more]

14.12.2011 | Australia | Warrnambool Victoria

ANIMALS’ ANGELS observe cattle and calves for sale at this yard which is accredited as ‘quality assured.’  There is matting on the floor on which the bulls stand whilst penned in tight stalls. The stalls do not allow any...[more]

14.12.2011 | Australia | Hamilton Vic.

Animals’ Angels observe and document the loading of a number of lambs from the days sale and the arrival of sheep for the sale the next day. The yard is accredited under the National Saleyards Quality Assurance (NSQA). Part of...[more]

14.12.2011 | Australia | Portland Vic.

Animals’ Angels take a look at the port from where there is increased activity in exporting live sheep and cattle. There is no action on this day but we can still see the berth from where the ships load the animals.  No...[more]

14.11.2011 | Australia | Bendigo Saleyard, Bendigo Victoria

ANIMALS’ ANGELS attend the sheep sale at Bendigo. The atmosphere is calm and the general handling is acceptable. However we find several pens we believe are over density and also a sheep which was made to walk to another pen when...[more]

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