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Investigation data base

Listed below you find all investigations carried our by Animals' Angels since 2011.

25.09.2012 | Australia, Fremantle, WA

ANIMALS’ ANGELS are present for day two of the loading of the Ocean Drover. We observed 35 transports deliver approx 20850 sheep and 150 cattle to the vessel which will take them to Qatar. The animals will be killed without...[more]

24.09.2012 | Australia, Fremantle, WA

ANIMALS’ ANGELS are present when approx 30,150 sheep arrive on 49 transports to the port for loading onto the Ocean Drover which will take them to Qatar. The animals will be killed without pre-stunning. This ship has just...[more]

18.09.2012 | Australia, Fremantle

ANIMALS’ ANGELS join industry and Victorian Govt representatives at the Victorian Saleyard Standards and Guidelines workshop. This is our second meeting to discuss the new Standards for saleyards which when completed and accepted...[more]

12.09.2012 | Poland

A team of Animals' Angels and the Polish Organization Viva! checks the cattle market of Lagow. Aproxximately 500 Cows, bulls and calves are for sale. The minimum requirements of the EU for animal markets are violated at Lagow:...[more]

08.09.2012 | Italy | Imperia

It is nighttime when Animals’ Angels and PMAF check a horses’ transport. They are big seized cart-horses travelling from France without individual stalls. The animals are standing up all together without any divider in the truck...[more]

07.09.2012 | Italy | Imperia

Animals’ Angels and PMAF spot a truck that is transporting sheep going southwards. Lambs and sheep are travelling to Central Italy and are destined for a slaughterhouse. The little lambs are bleating loudly and so are the sheep....[more]

29.08.2012 | Italy

In 2010 Animals’ Angels inspected a sheep transport from Spain to Italy. The sheep travelled for longer than one day in very poor conditions: without bedding material, breathing strong ammonia gasses, touching the ceiling with...[more]

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