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Investigation data base

Listed below you find all investigations carried our by Animals' Angels since 2011.

09. – 10.08.2012 | Italy

It is around 12 midday, there are 35-37°C and AA is on the highway near Bologna. The team is surprised to find out that trucks are transporting turkeys at this time of day and with such hot temperatures. In fact the animals have...[more]

09.08.2012 | Italy

Animals’ Angels is on an Italian highway near Bologna when it finds a truck with poultry in the night. Chickens are loaded but there is a serious problem: two of the containers broke down. From the outer side of the truck it is...[more]

3.8.2012 | Australia, Fremantle, WA.

ANIMALS’ ANGELS are present when approx 6700 sheep arrive on 10 trucks to the port for loading onto the Ocean Drover which will take them to the Middle East or Turkey. The animals will be killed without pre-stunning. A common...[more]

3 August 2012 | Spain | Italy

ANDA and Animals’ Angels follow a transport with pigs on its way from Spain to Italy.  The pigs suffer severely from the high temperatures.  They pant with wide open mouths, are very irritable and bite each...[more]

2.08.2012 | Spain | La Jonquera

ANDA and Animals’ Angels check a transport with cattle on its way from Spain to Italy.  The young cattle were born in France, were brought to Spain for fattening and are now transported to Italy for slaughter.  This is...[more]

02.08.2012 | France | Toulouse

In Southern France ANDA and Animals’ Angels inspect a transport with pigs on its way from Spain to Belgium.  The pigs suffer extremely from the heat as the outside temperature rises up to 35°C.  They stand and squat in...[more]

29.7.2012 | Australia | Fremantle, WA

ANIMALS’ ANGELS are at the port to observe the arrival of 27 transports carrying approx 15890 cattle and sheep for loading onto the Maysora. AQIS and the state regulator are at the port but leave after 45 minutes of our arrival....[more]

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