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Investigation data base

Listed below you find all investigations carried our by Animals' Angels since 2011.

04.07.2012 | Sweden | Gotland Isle

Animals‘ Angels is honored to be invited to Almedalen Week by Animals Rights Sweden (Djurens Rätt) and Animal Welfare Sweden (Djurskydett). Since 30 years members of Swedish political parties, governmental- and non-governmental...[more]

02.07.2012 | Australia | Fremantle, WA

ANIMALS’ ANGELS are present when approx 14610 sheep arrive on 23 trucks to the port for loading onto the Ocean Drover which will take them to the Middle East or Turkey. The animals will be killed without pre-stunning.  New...[more]

29.06.–30.06.2012 | Lithuania | Netherlands

Animals‘ Angels team trails two animal trucks in Poland. The trucks are transporting unweaned calves from Lithuania and Latvia to the Netherlands. The drivers have no intention to unload the very young calves for 24 hours on the...[more]

22.06.2012 | Australia | Port of Fremantle

ANIMALS’ ANGELS observe and document the transport of approx 2700 sheep to the vessel MV Bader for live animal export. These animals will be slaughtered without pre-stunning. Possible eye infections were documented along with...[more]

14.06.2012 | Australia | Fremantle, WA

ANIMALS’ ANGELS are at the port to observe the arrival of approximately 455 adult cattle and steers as they are bought in on 7 trucks for loading onto the Maysora. This is the last of the animals to be loaded onto the vessel...[more]

08.- 10.06.2012 | Italien | Spanien

Together with the French organization PMAF and the Spanish organization ANDA, Animals’ Angels escorts a pig transport from Spain to Sicily. En route the temperatures climb to more than 32°C and the 190 pigs can barely stand the...[more]

07.06.2012 | France| Perpignan

Together with the French organization PMAF and the Spanish organization ANDA, Animals’ Angels inspects a transporter with pigs en route from Spain to southern Italy. Despite the fact that high temperatures are to be expected...[more]

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