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Investigation data base

Listed below you find all investigations carried our by Animals' Angels since 2011.

18.01.2019 | Building Contacts for our Camel Project in Cairo

Camel Project Cairo

Animals’ Angels is back to Cairo to build contacts on-site for our camel project at the market in Birqash. We join some important meetings with different organizations to get support for our project in that region. During this...[more]

12.01.2019 | Visiting Mers El Kheir Animal Market

Mers El Kheir Animal Market

Animals' Angels vists the animal market in Mers El Kheir, Morocco. Our Moroccan team reaches the sales area for sheep and goats before sunrise. It is still rather quiet, and the traders are using flashlights to present their...[more]

11.01.2019 | Supporting the Animals at Houderrane Market

Animal Market Houderrane

Animals' Angels inspects the animal market in Houderrane, Morocco, which is located about two hours from the capital Rabat in the inland. The market is very rural and the people are more open and friendly than in the city. Ali...[more]

18.12.2018 | Christmas Invstigation at Animal Markets

Animal Market Romania

Shortly before Christmas, Animals' Angels visits animal markets in Romania. For the first time in many years we find the markets of Calarasi and Calugareni empty without a single animal being sold. Also, along the streets and in...[more]

25.11.2018 | Taking Action for the Animals at Skherat Market

Taking Action for the Animals at Skherat Market

It's Sunday morning, 9:00. The Moroccan Animals' Angels team – Habib and Boubaker – is back to help the animals at Skherat market. During their tour, they meet Said. He sells sheep, but unlike the other owners he lets his...[more]

24.11.2018 | Helping the Donkeys at Mers El Kheir Market

Animals' Angels Helping the Donkeys at Mers El Kheir Market

The Moroccan Animals' Angels team visits the animal market in Mers El Kher and helps the donkeys. As always, they have brought water for the animals and free them from their harnesses and loads. Right at the beginning of their...[more]

23.11.2018 | Inspecting Animal Transports between France and Italy

Cattle Transport in France

Countless young cattle are transported every week from France to Italy. Therefore, we are at the French-Italian border and inspect dozens of animal transports. Even though the immensely high numbers of animals transported between...[more]

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