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Overview: Our investigations in Romania

06.06.2014 | Romania, Inspection of Tasnad Animal Market

Tethered calves at Tasnad animal market, Romania

Tasnad is a small town in the North West of Romania. The animal sector of the market was approved last year. The problems are the same as noticed basically at all markets: pigs are grabbed by their legs upside down and put into...[more]

06.06.2014 | Romania, Inspection of a Sheep Transport

Sheep transport, Romania

It’s very warm near Madaras in the county of Bihor in Romania. The temperature is 29°C when a team of Animals’ Angels spots a truck parked at a gas station in direct sunlight. Romanian lambs are loaded on four decks. They are...[more]

05.06.2014 | Romania, Inspection of Nasaud Animal Market

Nasaud Animal Market, Romania

The first time Animals’ Angels checked the animal market in Nasaud was in May 2013. Pigs, cattle and goats of all ages and horses are sold. The handling was very rough, the transport vehicles were not safe and the facilities were...[more]

10.05.2014 | Romania, Inspection of Calarasi Animal Market

Chick Toma, Animal Market Calarasi

The animal market of Calarasi takes place on a weekly basis. It’s not very big but several dozens of animals are brought for sale. Birds and pigs are sold directly out of vehicles like sedan cars, vans or pick-ups without top...[more]

23.02.2014 | Romania, Animal Market Targoviste

Together with two state veterinarians and the local Police, Animals Angels inspects the traditional trials for ‘cart’ horses taking place at the animal feed market in Targoviste every Sunday. In May, October and December 2013...[more]

22.02.2014 | Romania, animal market Vicovu De Sus

Animal market Vicovu De Sus, Romania

Animals‘ Angels inspects the market in Vicovu de Sus at the Ukrainian border. Cattle, pigs and birds in addition to fruits, vegetables and house wares are for sale. The animals don’t seem to be considered as living beings but...[more]

21.02.2014 | Romania, Animal Market Radauti

Animals‘ Angels inspects the market in Radauti where cattle, horses, pigs and birds are sold. Like on most animal markets in Romania any kind of infrastructure is missing and the vehicles used are far from being conform with...[more]

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