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Overview: Our investigations in Romania

05.08.2015 | Inspection of Campia Turzii Animal Market

Campia Turzii Animal Market, Romania

Animals' Angels returns to Campia Turzii to check the weekly animal market. Three complaints were sent to the competent authorities, two meetings with the local veterinary inspectors took place but the market continues to operate...[more]

01.08.2015 | Animal Day 2015, Pancota Animal Market

Animal Day 2015, Pancota Animal Market, Romania

This time in Romania, Animals’ Angels hosts the Animal Day 2015. Together with a veterinarian and a farrier of the Romanian organization Asociata pentru Bunăstarea Cailor & Progressive Ideas, we visit Pancota animal market....[more]

29.07.2015 | Announcement: Animal Day in Pancota

Animal Market in Pancota, 2014

In 2014, after many complaints sent by Animals' Angels calling on the closure of the animal market of Pancota in Romania, the veterinary authority monitored it from February to September. Fines were issued for several...[more]

13.11.2014 | Comprehensive Complaint to the EU-Commission

EU Flag

Animals’ Angels submits a complaint file to the EU Commission concerning systematic breaches of EU legislation on the protection of animals at weekly animal markets in Romania.  On more than 200 pages we describe the...[more]

29.10.2014 | Meeting with Governmental Department in Bukarest

Animals' Angels Meeting Governmental Department Bukarest

Animals’ Angels meets representatives of the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authoritiy (NSVFSA) to discuss of the general situation of animals transported to and from traditional markets for trade in Romania. A...[more]

02.10.2014 | Animal Trade Banned at Several Markets After Animals’ Angels Intervention

Animal Market Radauti, Romania

During the last three months six prohibition ordinances were issued by Romanian authorities, closing illegal animal markets at Nasaud, Pancota, Marginea, Vicovu de Sus, Radauti and Liebling. Another one, in Tasnad, could...[more]

12.-14.06.2014 | Romania, Inspection of three Animal Markets

Horse on Romanian Animal Market

Animals’ Angels inspects three animal markets in the region of Suceava, North-West Romania near the Ukrainian border. Birds and pigs of all ages, cows and calves, lambs, horses and live fish are for sale. The team soon realizes...[more]

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