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Our project: Animal markets, horse shows and animal transports in Romania

Romania still has strong tradition of animal markets. Cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, poultry, rabbits and fish are being traded at over 233 animal markets every week. The conditions for the animals at these markets are unbearable.

The vehicles used to the transport animals are inadequate, often the animals are shackled to prevent them from escaping or even to gain space inside the vehicle.

The handling is rough and brutal; animals are manipulated as if they were inanimate. They are lifted by their limbs and as if ears, legs, fleece and tails were handholds, they put in sacks like whatever goods; their legs are trussed and they are exposed on the ground without any shelter from sun during summer and cold snow in winter. They are not give water. While forced to lie down on the ground they inhale the dust produced by the crowd and passage of vehicles.

A particular tradition is to organize shows beating horses and forcing them to drag big stones or carts with blocked wheels and many people on board to exhibit the strength and resistance of their animals.

Needless to say that the EU legislation is not complied with at these Romanian markets.

After Animals’ Angels had found that during the last 10 years and since Romania entered the EU no improvements for the animals had occurred at the markets, Animals’ Angels decided to start a new and intensive project at Romanian markets.

What Animals‘ Angels aims to achieve:

  • The closure of illegal animal markets

and where the closure of the markets is not possible:

  • improving the conditions for the animals
  • education of the market users with the aim to achieve a better human-animal relation

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Animal market in Romania
Cart trial for horses
Cart trial for horses
Inadequate transport vehicle
Constricted sheep
Also domestic animals are for sale
Pig put into sack for transport
Inadequate transport vehicle
Inadequate transport vehicle