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Detailed view: Our investigations in Poland

17.12.2016 | Inspection of Bodzentyn Cattle Market

Cattle Market Bodzentyn, Poland

The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals' Angels, inspects the cattle market in Bodzentyn.

The team witnesses several cases of violence. One of the bulls is provoked to copulate and then beaten several times on the head with a baton, kicked at the head, and dragged brutally off the other animal.

In the other corner of the market, cows are dragged up a ramp of a truck and electrocuted with prods. The farmers keep prodding the cows even when they get stuck or cannot move forward. One of the cows even gets prodded at the head.

Despite the local authorities' claims that the situation had been improved, it seems that it is getting even worse. The team is about to file a report against the cows' abusers and keep monitoring the market. The observations will be presented to all relevant authorities.