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Detailed view: Our investigations in Poland

11.04.2017 | Kontrolle einer Tierhaltung

Inspection of Animal Husbandry in Poland

On behalf of Animals’ Angels, the team of Viva! Interwencje inspects a premise where 15 goats and 15 dogs are kept. Finally, after quite a long time, in response to the team's earlier notion, a prosecutor has issued a search warrant. Together with the police and a veterinarian the team now enters the property and examines the keeping conditions.

The property is full of loads of trash, feces and dangerous items. There are also animal bones and skulls scattered around the premise Most of the animals lack proper shelter and water access. The shed that is supposed to accommodate the 15 goats is so small and low, that the animals have to crawl inside.

The prosecutor decides on temporal confiscation of all animals as their life and health are in danger. It takes the team more than 3 hours to catch all the animals at the huge property, because most of them, especially the goats lack any socialization. The animals are finally secured thanks to the enormous effort of all Viva! team members, police and municipal guard officers. They are taken to Viva! sanctuary, where they receive proper care and treatment. The owner is about to face prosecution for her years' long abuse of animals.