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06.12.2016 | Inspection of Kozlow Biskupi Animal Market

Inspection of Kozlow Biskupi Animal Market, Poland

The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals' Angels, inspects an animal market in Kozłów Biskupi, central Poland. The weather conditions are poor. The falling snow melts quickly making the ground very slippery. The total number of animals is less than 50, including horses, cattle, piglets and a few rabbits and poultry.

The team witnesses several neglected and dirty cows. Many animals remain on trucks for the whole market time. Some of them are sold directly from truck to truck. There are several vehicles at the market that are unsuitable for animal transport, including one regular cargo truck with some straw bedding. The animals are handled violently, with several examples of using excessive force. The team also witnesses one horse kept outside of the shelter for the whole time, even though there is plenty of space inside. The horse gets all wet from the snow melting on his body. He is then loaded onboard a slaughterhouse truck...

This investigation provides another proof that the promises of polish authorities concerning better supervision over markets were empty. No supervising personnel is seen at the animal market premise.