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Police training: checking animal transport lorries

Police and border guards play a vital role in protecting animals being transported. Animals’ Angels works closely with the relevant authorities. Together we check animal-transport vehicles in many countries of Europe. Since 2004 Animals’ Angels has been conducting seminars for the police in France, Italy, Germany and Australia, among others. For example, since 2005, Animals' Angels and LAV carried out 74 training courses in 19 out of 20 Italian regions training more than 3.000 officers.

Animals’ Angels’ police training manuals

Animals’ Angels, in collaboration with the Italian animal protection organisation LAV and the French society PMAF, has distributed handbooks which offer the police practical advice on checking lorries on the road.

Animals' Angels & PMAF: Police manual France
Animals' Angels & LAV: Police manual Italy

An example of our practical police work

In December 2013  Italian traffic police all over the country carried out spot-checks of animal-transport lorries. Officers in 450 squad cars carried out co-ordinated checks as part of this raid. They checked 1,350 animal-transport lorries and found that 680 of them were breaking the law!

This shocking result was given wide publicity in Italy in mid-December: half the lorries were guilty of infringing the laws in force. This large-scale raid by the Italian police resulted in fines totalling approximately 19.388,734 euros.