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Detailed view: Our investigations on long distance animal transports

20.-22.12.2017 | Inspection of Lamb and Sheep Transports from Romania to Bulgaria and Greece

Sheep Transport from Romania to Bulgaria

Animals‘ Angels is in Bulgaria, waiting specifically for lamb and sheep transports coming from Romania. At the border between Greece and Bulgaria, we spot a transport with 600 lambs from Romania destined to a slaughterhouse near Athens.

The space inside the vehicle is not sufficient. The lambs are crowded together and touch the ceiling with their heads and some even with their backs.

Additionally, the bedding is inadequate. Being drenched with excrements, the animals cannot lie down comfortably and rest which would be absolutely necessary during such a long journey.

Animals’ Angels calls the Greek police. They stop the transport and escort it to the competent veterinary authority. During our joint inspection of the vehicle together with a veterinarian, we find a dead lamb. It lies between its companions who must stand over his body due to lack of space.

The veterinarian allows the transport to continue its journey to the place of destinations. But he informs the competent authorities at the place of departure in Romania as well as the authorities being responsible for the Greek transport company. The Greek authorities have already launched an inquiry and will impose a fine against the transport company.

Tiertransport mit Schafen von Rumänien nach Griechenland

Two days later, at the border between Romania and Bulgaria, we spot another transport with animals from Romania.

The roughly 650 sheep and lambs are transported under unacceptable conditions: The ceiling in every deck is so low that nearly all animals bump at it with their backs. They cannot stand upright in a natural position, but must keep down their heads the entire journey.

They stand on the bare, cold metal floor which is covered with excrements and just a little bit of old, wet straw, thus offering no isolation from the cold. The animals have recently been shorn and shiver due to outside temperatures of -1 °C.

Sheep Ezdan lies on his side. He does not react to external stimuli. The spasms all over his body indicate that he is about to die. Sheep Gabrio is injured as well. He cannot bear weight on his right hind leg.

The rural roads leading to the slaughterhouse in Bulgaria are in a very bad condition. Nonetheless, the driver speeds through curves and over potholes, despite the fact that the animals bump at the ceiling upon every unevenness or could slip on the wet floor and get hurt.

Animals’ Angels calls the police in Romania and Bulgaria several times but to no avail. Going unpunished, the transport can cross the Bulgarian border and reach the slaughterhouse – hours later, with a dying animal on board.

Animals’ Angels files a complaint to the competent authorities.