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Overview: Our investigations on long distance animal transports

31.10.2016 | Meeting Food Safety Authority in Sofia

Animals' Angels Meeting Food Safety Authority in Sofia

Today the Bulgarian Food Safety Authority welcomes Dr Alexander Rabitsch, expert veterinarian with deep knowledge in animal transports and Animals’ Angels. The discussion addresses the shortcomings in the application of the...[more]

24.10.2016 | Trailing Piglet Transport from Germany to Spain

Animals' Angels Lights Candles for the Piglets on Transport

Last weekend, Animals‘ Angels trailed a truck transporting early-weaned piglets from Germany to Spain. The carrier violated the mandatory transport and resting times for pigs and for this he could be prosecuted. But what is most...[more]

08.10.2016 | Inspection of Calf Transport in Germany

Inspection of Calf Transport in Germany

Together with a team of journalists, Animals‘ Angels again inspects sucking-calf transports going from Lithuania to Spain via Poland, Germany and France. For more than 10 years, Animals’ Angels has been documenting systematic...[more]

04.10.2016 | Meeting with Hungarian CVO

Animals' Angels meets CVO of Hungary

Animals´ Angels meets the Chief Veterinary Officer of Hungary and the contact person of the Animal Welfare Unit at the Ministry of Agriculture to present the documentary Myth of Enforcement. Together we discuss some of the...[more]

03.10.2016 | Meeting with Swedish CVO

Animals' Angels Meeting Swedish CVO

In 2016, Animals’ Angels published Myth of Enforcement, a summary of ten years of investigations into long distance animal transports, within and outside the EU, offering a deep analysis of the existing legislation concerning the...[more]

17.09.2016 | Trailing of Calf Transport from Lithuania to Spain – Police Inspection in Germany

Trailing of Calf Transport from Lithuania to Spain – Police Inspection in Germany

Animals‘ Angels is on the road for unweaned calves again. We follow a German truck transporting ‘milk’ calves from Lithuania to Spain. We call the police as the truck is neither equipped with a suitable drinking device nor...[more]

16.09.2016 | Meeting at Irish Ministry for Agriculture

[Translate to englisch:] Meeting Landwirtschaftsministerium Irland

Animals' Angels is welcomed by the Department of Animal Welfare at the Agriculture House in Dublin to discuss the need for amending the legislation on the protection of animals during transport. Animals´ Angels shares its...[more]

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