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Overview: Our investigations on long distance animal transports

20.04.2012 | Bulgaria | Sofia

Animals’ Angels meets the Bulgarian Chief Veterinary Officer to talk about the problems concerning the veterinary inspections at the Bulgarian border inspection post Kapitan Andreovo. All live animal transports on their way to...[more]

19.04.2012 | Bulgaria | Kapitan Andreovo

At the Bulgarian border station Kapitan Andreovo Animals’ Angels inspects a live animal transport with adult bulls from Hungary on its way to Turkey. The bulls have been loaded on two floors, because of which the ceiling is too...[more]

17.04.2012 | Turkey | Border station Kapikule

Animals’ Angels inspects a live animal transport with lambs from Hungary while it is waiting for the entry permit. One leg of lamb Akos is jammed between the floor divider and the outside wall of the lorry. Animals’ Angels points...[more]

02.04.2012 | Italy

Animals’ Angels meets some Italian veterinarians to discuss the transport conditions for poultry and rabbits which were observed during recent investigations. The veterinarians express their willingness to cooperate and confirm...[more]

30.03.2012 | Spain| Pola de Siero

Animals’ Angels presents the guidelines for assessing the fitness for transport of adult cattle at the annual convention of the Spanish market association ASEMGA. ASEMGA had 5,000 copies of the guidebook printed for this occasion...[more]

28.03.2012 | Spain | Torrelavega

Animals’ Angels and the Spanish animal welfare organization Anda inspect the weekly cattle and horse market in Torrelavega. The reason for the inspection is that the farmers do not milk their “dairy” cows offered for sale even...[more]

22.02.2012 – 25.02.2012 | France | Cherbourg

Animals Angels observes cattle transports from Ireland to the European mainland via the French port of Cherbourg. For more than a decade animal welfare organizations are monitoring this particular route and even the European...[more]

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