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Overview: Our investigations on long distance animal transports

27.01.2012 | Italy | Veneto

In the same night, a truck was transporting calves from Ireland to Italy, without doing the rest of 24 hours. According to the driver and to the tacographs, the animals were unloaded for a rest of 14 hours but the veterinarian of...[more]

21.01.2012 | Bulgaria | Svilengrad

Animals’ Angels visits the “inspection station” in Svilengrad near the Bulgarian-Turkish border. The stable is supposed to allow animals in transit to Turkey to be unloaded so that they can be fed and watered and can rest....[more]

19.01.2012 – 21.01.2012 | Turkey | Kapikule

Animals’ Angels inspects a transport of lambs from Bulgaria to Turkey. The Bulgarian veterinarians permitted this long-distance transport to cross the outside EU border although it did not meet the animal protection regulations:...[more]

19.01.2012 | Turkey | Kapikule

Animals’ Angels inspects a sheep transport from Bulgaria at a Turkish border control stable. In Bulgaria 249 very pregnant sheep were loaded, but meanwhile the transport consists of 369 animals, as 120 lambs were born during...[more]

18.01.2012 | Italy | Veneto

Animals‘ Angels observed some transports of poultry in Veneto, Italy. A truck was transporting broilers and the team could notice a broiler supine, suffering: the driver was informed and he put the animal prone. Another driver...[more]

19.12.2011 - 21.12.2011 | Italy | Motorway

Animals' Angels monitors highway A4 and a main road in northern Italy. Many trucks are transporting animals. Animals' Angels observes a transport of turkeys, some legs and wings of the birds are trapped out of the cages so that...[more]

18.12.2011 | Italy | Rome

Animals' Angels together with the italian association Lav were in Italy, in Rome, to make a training course related to the application of the Council Regulation (EC) 1/2005 about the protection of the animals during transport....[more]

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