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Overview: Our investigations on long distance animal transports

30.03.2017 | Inspection of Piglet Transport in Italy

Piglet Transport from Denmark to Italy

In Italy, Animals’ Angels trails a transport with Danish piglets destined to fattening. The trade of piglets between both countries nearly tripled between 2014 and 2016 (source: Eurostat). The little animals we can inspect are...[more]

28.03.2017 | Inspection of Lamb Transports Shortly Before Easter

Transport with Lambs going from Hungary to Italy

Shortly before Easter, Animals’ Angels monitors the route from Eastern Europe to Italy, the biggest importer of lambs within the EU. Last year, Italy imported 888.574 lambs via transport from France, Spain, Romania, Hungary,...[more]

03.02.2017 | Training for Veterinarians and Police in Bulgaria

Animals' Angels Training for Veterinarians and Police in Bulgaria

In Sofia, Animals’ Angels hosts a training seminar for more than fourty veterinary officers of the Regional and Border Control Directorates of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, as well as representatives of the Bulgarian Police....[more]

20.02.2017 | Inspection of Transports of Unweaned Calves

Animal Transport: Unweaned Calves from Romania to Spain

Animals' Angels and ANDA conduct joint inspections of two transports carrying young calves for fattening from Romania to Spain. The few-weeks-old animal babies scream in hunger. They bite and lick the truck’s side rails, push...[more]

18.02.2017 | Transport of Young Cattle from Spain to Greece

Animal Transport EU: Young Cattle from Spain to Greece

Animals‘ Angels trails a truck with young cattle being transported from Spain to Greece. The bulls have French ear tags meaning they were born in France, afterwards transported to Spain and are now again sent on a 2.700km...[more]

16.02.2017 | Inspection of Sheep Transport

Animal Transport: Sheep from France to Italy

Animals‘ Angels inspects a truck with sheep being transported from France to Italy. The roughly 550 sheep are distributed on four decks – which is definitely too much as most of them bump the truck’s ceiling with their heads or...[more]

15.02.2017 | Police Training in Bernau, Berlin

Animals' Angels Police Training in Bernau, Berlin

On behalf of Animals' Angels, veterinarian Dr Alexander Rabitsch lectures during a two-days workshop on animal transport inspections. The workshop was organized by the police administration of Brandenburg. The workshop is...[more]

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