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Overview: Our investigations on long distance animal transports

18.05.2018 | Holding Lecture at EU-Commission Initiative

Lecture Animals' Angels

 ‚Better Training, Safer Food’ is an initiative of the European Commission, covering among other animal welfare laws. The aim is to provide knowledge and training to the authorities in charge to implement the controls...[more]

29.03-04.04.2018 | Inspection of Lamb and Sheep Transports Before and After Easter

Lamb Transport During Easter Holidays

Around the Easter holidays, Animals’ Angels inspects sheep and lambs. In this period, there is an intense flow of lambs transported for slaughter from Romania to Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. So far, our team...[more]

15.01.2018 | Inspection of Animal Transports in Eastern Europe and Turkey

Cattle Transport

Two teams of Animals´ Angels monitor the export of live animals in the EU and to third countries. The two teams monitor around a hundred of trucks. In most of them the animals travel packed, many in filthy conditions. Some...[more]

12.01.2018 | Inspection of Animal Transports at the Romanian-Bulgarian Border

Cattle Transport from Bulgaria to Greece

Animals‘ Angels is at the border between Romania and Bulgaria to monitor the export of live animals transported in the EU and to third countries. We notice a Bulgarian truck and decide to follow. It's starting to dawn. The...[more]

20.-22.12.2017 | Inspection of Lamb and Sheep Transports from Romania to Bulgaria and Greece

Sheep Transport from Romania to Bulgaria

Animals‘ Angels is in Bulgaria, waiting specifically for lamb and sheep transports coming from Romania. At the border between Greece and Bulgaria, we spot a transport with 600 lambs from Romania destined to a slaughterhouse near...[more]

18.12.2017 | Lamb Transport from Romanie to Greece

Lamb Transport with Insufficient Ceiling Height

Animals’ Angels is in the Region of Giurgiu, Romania, following a transport of Romanian lambs going to a slaughterhouse in Athens, Greece. For economic reasons, the lambs are transported on four instead of three decks, which...[more]

13.12.2017 | Lamb Transport from Romania to Italy

Lamb Transport from Romania to Italy: Insufficient Ceiling Height

In Slovenia, Animals‘ Angels is looking especially for transports with lambs going from Romania to Italy. Each year, shortly before Christmas, the number of lamb transports is rising. Already on the second day, we find a truck...[more]

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