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Documentations: Animal welfare problems in animal transport

Cover: Animal Suffering is Inherent in Long Distance TransportAnimal Suffering is Inherent in Long Distance Transport, 2011

According to Article 13 TFEU, Animals are sentinent beings that must be respected in the EU decision making process and full regard has to be paid to their welfare requirements. [PDF]

Cover: Australia's Contradiction - Farmed Animal WelfareAustralia’s Contradiction – Farmed Animal Welfare

Report by Dawn Lowe and Dr. Peter Kerkenzov regardind the situation for the animals on transports in Australia. Without active enforcement there is not, and can never be, any prevention of cruelty and suffering. [PDF]

Cover: Undue Suffering due to Insufficient Headroom

Undue Suffering due to Insufficient headroom, 2010

Insufficient headroom above the animals during transport is a frequent problem and a major factor causing severe animal suffering. Being a commercial activity, animal transports are usually conducted as economically as possible. [PDF]

Cover: Revision of Council Regulation EC 1/2005Revision of Council Regulation EC 1/2005, 2009

In 2005 the EU-Council adopted Regulation EC01/2005. Animals' Angels has conducted 72 inspections of long distance transports, since the Regulation has become effective. The resultes show that. [PDF]

Cover: Enforcement of Transport RegulationEnforcement of Transport Regulation, 2010

Animals' Angels urge the Commission and the Member States to launch an enforcement initiative designed to lead improved and more uniform enforcement of the Regulation accoss the EU. [PDF]

Cover: Long Distance Transport of Unweaned AnimalsLong Distance Transports of Unweaned Animals, 2008

In 2008 Animals' Angels has conducted further investigations on the transportation of unweaned animals on long distance transports and again collected evidence which proves that the transport of unweaned animals for more than eight hours violates EU law. [PDF]

Cover: Animal Welfare Problems Inherent in Long Distance TransportsAnimal Welfare Problems Inherent in Long-Distance Transports, 2006-2008

The intention of this report is to provide the EU-Commission with details in favour of the reduction of transport times with regard to the forthcoming revision of Regulation EC 01/2005. [PDF]

Cover: Enforcement Defiencies in SpainSummary of the Enforcement Deficiencies in Spain with Regard to Animal Transport from Spain to Italy, 2006

Animals' Angels documents poor enforcement of Transport Regulation EC 01/2005 in regards to animal transport from Spain to Italy. [PDF]

Cover: The Abuse of Downer Animals During TransportThe Abuse of "Downer" Animals During Transport and Related Operations, 2006

Most 'dairy' cattle are raised under intensive conditions, fed high-protein diets and are genetically selected for extremely high milk yields. As a result, 'dairy' cows often suffer from diseases of their legs, mastitis metritis... [PDF]

Cover: Horse Transports EU, Detailed ReportHorse Transports EU Detailed Report, 2006

In 2006 Animals’ Angels observed 16 long-distance horse transports originating from European Member States and from Third Countries. All 16 transports were found to be in violation of Council Directive 91/628/EEC. [PDF]

Cover: Transports of Live Animals from Spain to ItalyInvestigation into Transports of Live Animals from Spain to Italy, 2006

Documentation by Animals' Angels regarding shortcomings of animal transports from Spain to Italy [PDF]

Cover: Shortcomings in the Enforcement of Animal Transport and Downer CowsShortcomings in the Enforcement of Animal Transport and Downer Cows, 2005

Documentation about the suffering of 'dairy' cows in the Netherlands. [PDF]

Cover: Shortcomings in the Enforcement of the Animal Transport DirectiveShortcomings in the Enforcement of the Animal Transport Directive, 2004

Documentation on animal suffering during long distance transport due to the lack of availability of emergency unloading sites [PDF]