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Our project: Long distance animal transports in the EU

For more than 15 years we have been there with the animals on the roads, at slaughterhouses, assembly centres  and markets all across Europe

We train police forces and organise talks for veterinarians and political decision-makers. We bring criminal charges for infringements of the law and publicise our observations and experiences.

In the last 20 years Animals’ Angels has achieved much for animals being transported:

  • Transport conditions have improved greatly since the 1990s, although transport times are still far too long and conditions unacceptable [more]
  • The police in EU member states are much better trained to check animal transport lorries and many officials are highly motivated to demand strict adherence to the law [more]
  • Many veterinary officials are now aware of the suffering animals may endure when being transported and more veterinarians than ever before are actively intervening to stop suffering
  • Animals’ Angels’ archive, filled to bursting point with material collected over 15 years of missions on the ground, is used in enquiries by scientists, politicians and the media [more]
  • Thanks to the 8hours campaign more than one million EU citizens as well as the European Parliament have expressed a loud and clear NO to long-distance animal transport [more]

Picture gallery long distance transports

Long Distance Transport Cattle, Turkey 2015
Long Distance Transport Pigs, Italy 2015
Long Distance Transport Sheep, France 2015
Long Distance Transport Cattle, Turkey 2015
Sheep transport in Europe
Cattle transport in Europe
Cattle transport in Europe
Turkey transport in Europe
Sheep transport in Europe
Piglet transport in Europe
Pig transport in Europe
Horse transport in Europe