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Detailed view: Our investigations for 'milk' cows

27.02.2014 | Germany, Cattle Auction in Verden

Cattle auction in Verden, Germany

Animals‘ Angels attends the "Show of the Best" in Verden, Northern Germany, where cows with the best genetics in regards to milk production are elected and auctioned. Sold animals leave for breeding but are also sent to Italy, Croatia, Lebanon and Dubai.

The event is entertaining and organized perfectly. The cows are brightly polished and the pens are cleaned and bedded. Instruments intended for guiding animals are not used. Everything seems perfect – but appearances are deceitful.

This is where the so called "turbo" cows are sold who are labeled as torture-breeding by many veterinarians. The breeds are designed for an extremely high milk yield and therefore highly predisposed to disease like claw problems, udder problems or metabolic and fertility disorders. Due to at least one of these diseases about 50% of them are slaughtered or euthanized at young age.  

The animals at the "Show of the Best" are offered for sale unmilked and with brimful udders which are sealed to prevent the milk from dripping out. The high pressure exerted on the udder is very painful for the cows. Besides, the big udders prevent them from walking and lying down. But the organizers do not care.

During the past years, Animals’ Angels filed numerous complaints against the organizer regarding not milking the cows. But apparently this would be too much animal protection even though the law dictates distinct milking intervals.

Animals’ Angels will soon publish an extensive report about the problem of not-milking cows at German cattle auctions and will again approach the competent authorities and organizers.