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Detailed view: Our investigations for 'milk' cows

17.–18.12.2013 | Spain, Torrelavega

Animals‘ Angels and ANDA (Spanish animal welfare organization) inspect the animal market in Torrelavega, North West Spain. The inspection is yet again primarily about checking if the ‘milk’ cows offered for sale have been milked prior to the market. Again this is not the case: the cows arrive at the market with swollen udders, many of which are sealed with special glue so the milk cannot leak out. This practice is against the regulation and causes tremendous pain to the animals. The market director, who is otherwise willing to comply with animal welfare law, seems to be unable to assert himself in this case.

ANDA and Animals’ Angels already had multiple conversations with the competent authorities. The veterinarians on site do not want to intervene because in their view the farmer’s sales heritage has priority.

ANDA and Animals’ Angels will further on try to put pressure on the local government in order to end this animal abusive tradition.