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Detailed view: Our investigations for 'milk' cows

03.12.2013 | Germany, Verden

Animals‘ Angels inspects a ‚breeding‘ cattle auction in Verden, Northern Germany. The animals are well supplied with water, feed and bedding. However, before auction start milk squirts and drips from the cow’s swollen udders and they complain loudly about the pain caused. In the course of the auction the animals become increasingly anxious and their shouts louder. Some farmers admit to us that they have milked their cows most recently the previous day and tell us this were common practice because "customers want to see swollen udders”.

One cow, Daphne, lies aground on her right-hand side for hours, her left hind leg stretched out straightly in order to not put further pressure on her udder. From time to time she mooes hauntingly and miserably. When Daphne, as the last cow of the day, will reach the milking machine the 12 hour interval between milking required by law will be exceeded twice.

Animals’ Angels will insistently remind the breeders association on their obligation to comply with legal requirements and will call on the competent veterinarian authority to strictly control future auctions concerning the problems described above.